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Sometimes We Just Need A Hug, No Seriously.

  1. I was meditating on that passage in 1st John saying that those who hate are like murders and have no eternal life in them, so thinking about it it's like when we continually receive the Holy Spirit as branches grafted into the vine, (Jesus) we produce the fruit of the Holy Spirit. However, if we reject the love of God because we feel the need to be hateful towards someone, then we lose connection with Jesus and over time, we stop producing the fruit of the Holy Spirit and start producing the opposite which usually begins with a sense of being cranky and irritated at everything that doesn't go our way. This burning sensation is kind of like in the gospel when it talks about a branch being thrown into the fire to be burned. I'd say this isn't the end per se. However, like choosing to place yourself under the law or another self imposed set of rules, this replaces the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the hatred replaces the nurturing of God through Jesus and eats away at us until the end state of us is worse than before we were born again.
    So from this meditation, I find it is important to self examine thought processes so I am always in a place to receive his Grace and messages and become the person I was born again to be.
    So in the sense where sometimes we just need a hug, sometimes all we need is some alone time with God to experience that life essence and take it in away from all the hectic elements of life.
    Hope all goes well with you all, God bless.
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