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Slipping And Slipping Hard And Fast

By JI4M, Jan 17, 2019 | | |
  1. I can't believe how I went right back to old habits and sins, and so fast. I am cursing like a sailor, eating horribly and fighting with people again. This is exactly who I use to be before I found Christ. I am severely disappointed and disgusted with myself. I need to straighten back up and straighten back up hard and fast. I am so sorry Jesus, but i know you must be sick and tired of me apologizing and then repeating the same mistakes over and over again. I am never going to give up trying though Jesus. I will eventually get this right. I am just as disappointed in myself as you are in me. I can't stand myself right now. Totally depressed and appalled at myself. I thank you God for allowing me new chances everyday to correct my sins when I know I don't deserve it! There are no words to express my deep and undying gratitude for your forgiveness and chances. I am so sorry.


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  1. JI4M
    Update (I figured since it pertains to this, I would write here instead of starting a whole new entry)

    So finally, finally, I started getting back on track today. I practically went through the day without cursing, a few managed to slip out but no where near the amount I am use to saying. I ate much better today. Took my supplements. Didn't really argue with anyone. Put into practice the new way I promised Jesus and myself of how I am going to handle someone in my life who is extremely difficult at times and this issue is one I know I will continue to struggle deeply with, but I will continue to work and pray on it even harder than the struggle it brings me and will bring me. Jesus is telling me he will help me with this. Most important of all, I started praying again today. This was a big one. It's been weeks since I prayed, really prayed. I was so busy and tired from it all, but I don't want to do that again, go without praying. I can see how it affects my life adversely when I don't pray and/or getting out of the habit of praying everyday. Amen.

    I can't even describe the difference I already feel today by getting back on track. I also let the fear go today. I am so glad that I am finally back on track and plan to keep it that way. That's not to say I won't fall off the track from time to time, but good habits need to be practice everyday and that's fully what I intend on doing.

    Thank. You. Jesus.
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    1. riesie
      Very glad to read this!
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  2. JI4M
    Hi Riesie (for some reason it did not let me reply my entire message under your comment so I am replying here), I am so sorry for now just responding, I just saw this! You're words are very encouraging and bless you so much for seeing worth in me for taking the time and making the effort to share the with me. I feel so much Jesus and love (Jesus and love on in the same!) in you and my other friends here. I feel SO blessed that you all help me, guide me and friend me! I firmly believe you all are gifts from Jesus and I can only pray that I can bring you all the same comfort, advice, encouragement along the way. Thank you Riesie! I am doing better today ...finally.
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    1. riesie
      Thanks a lot Ekina,
      What great compliments you give me. Thank you!
      I'll pray for you and don't you ever give up!

      Psalm 23:4 King James Version (KJV)
      Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
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  3. riesie
    Oh dear Ekina,

    I'm so sorry to read this. What happened?
    One thing that is important I think is that you are forgiven! For the past, current and future sins. God is the Alpha and Omega, He know the beginning from the end. He holds space and time in His hands! He knows exactly what mistakes we will make in the future! They are forgiven! This is the biggest gift ever!
    Of course it is very good always to try to sin less and try to become a better person in the image of Jesus every day.
    I know this is easier said then done because I'm familiar with the things you write but I take great comfort in encouragements like this so I'm trying to encourage you now the same way.

    Don't give up, you are loved!

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  4. MostRadicalManEver
    i have been there many time.
    I look at it like this. God is our Father and He is helping us learn to walk. Do you tell a little baby to give up trying to walk?
    Some babies take longer than others, but they eventually walk.
    Until then, the Father holds their hands with grace.
    When we finally do walk, i think a level of accountability sets in.
    God bless you. praying.....
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    1. JI4M
      Thank you Most. It is very kind of you to try and help make me feel better. God bless you too and thank you for your prayers. They mean a lot.
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