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Short Essay "a Comparison Between The Eastern Teaching And Christianity"

  1. Here is my short essay where I compare "the eastern teaching" (Buddhism, Hinduism and New age) with Christianity. I hope you enjoy it!

    Christ love,

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    About Author

    I have always been a spiritual person. At the age of 20 I started seeking through eastern teachings, such as Buddhism and New age. 10 years down this road I was struck with mental illness: Depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and psychosis. Somewhere in all this I found Jesus, or maybe it was Jesus who found me? In July of 2010, I was born again, and started to live for Christ.

    Christ love,


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  1. Roidecoeur78
    Mark 3:20 is a passage that reminds me of how my family and "regular" people of the world look at me when I try to describe spiritual experiences given me from the Lord. It seems anything outside the normal range of biological practicality will be easily diagnosed by the world as "mental illness". I have even, in my times of doubt, agreed with them; but Jesus always reminds me that it was Him that had come for me, after all it was me that was wandering around lost in the dark. Thanks for sharing your essay.
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  2. Stone-n-Steel
    I enjoyed this essay very much. I also took an eastern path to get to Christ. It was finally realizing that inside of me was all evil that I turned to God and found Him waiting. Thank you for posting this.
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