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Short Essay "a Comparison Between The Eastern Teaching And Christianity"

By zoidar · Sep 13, 2018 · ·
  1. Here is my short essay where I compare "the eastern teaching" (Buddhism, Hinduism and New age) with Christianity. I hope you enjoy it!

    Christ love,

    Attached Files:

    About Author

    I have always been a spiritual person. At the age of 20 I started seeking through eastern teachings, such as Buddhism and New age. 10 years down this road I was struck with mental illness: Depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and psychosis. Somewhere in all this I found Jesus, or maybe it was Jesus who found me? In July of 2010, I was born again, and started to live for Christ.

    Christ love,


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  1. rebornfree
    Thank you for sharing your essay Peter. I have a neighbour who was once a Buddhist and he has suffered depression. I have prayed for him, and with him, and he seems somewhat better. I may give him a copy of your essay and thank you for giving us the permission to share it. Bless you.
      zoidar likes this.
    1. zoidar
      God bless you too friend! I hope your friend get some use of it.
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  2. QvQ
    I spent time around Zen Center. I agree with your analysis. The Zen students at that time were post war, wealthy Europeans, very educated. I was introduced to Plato, Sartre Nietzsche, Hesse, Hobbes, Augustine, Aquinas, Calvin, the Bible and Thomas Merton. The Zens knew and discussed these philosophies along with Suzuki and other Zen texts.
    I had a library card and read all of these works.
    I thought the Book of Job is a refutation of Karma.
    Some say Merton is from Catholic to Buddhism. I went the other way. I considered Merton's "New Seeds of Contemplation" while practicing Zen meditation and that led to Christianity.
    Your essay is a good analysis of New Age.
      zoidar likes this.
    1. zoidar
      Thanks man! It's been a while since I wrote it. There are always small things you like to change afterwards, but I'm happy you liked it.

      Makes me happy you came to Christ! Feel free to share your story anytime.

      God bless!
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