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Shaky Start

  1. I have mixed feelings about this place but I hope to stick around and be of use to the Holy Spirit.

    I'm overwhelmed by how many replies posts can get there's no way I could read them all or skip them to prevent myself from reiterating what others have already said. I think I could realistically read the first 10 replies to get a general take and then 'like' or 'agree' to those replies and only then add my own reply if I have something further to add.

    There is a lot of ego about which I suppose is to be expected and long winded discussions over subjects that have no satisfactory answers because this current age isn't over with yet, what a waste of energy.

    A lot of impatient and unkindly phrased dismissals from older male members too, and not just aimed at myself, they've probably just read to much and have high opinions of themselves. I'll try to take note of those to avoid them as much as possible. A few friendly people about but not made any friends yet.

    I hope I can find some simple humble folk here and not just repellant intellectuals to have fellowship with.

    I made a post called One Book of the Bible, One Month, A Spiritual Road trip with an Unbeliever. I'm interested in people's responses. John's gospel is common obviously and it makes me cringe every time and want to yell out NO! I think it's out of tradition it being the evangelists standard or maybe established believers pat on the back pride at giving such deep stuff to a seeker. I'd pick from the gospels aimed at unbelievers probably Mark or Ecclesiastes but I like Luke too, Matthew is for new converts so that would be a close second. Ecclesiastes is a good one for breaking down unbelievers pride.

    We all need to come to the cross on our hands and knees utterly humiliated eyes downcast before Jesus. Not on our feet heads raised as if to inhale some supernatural genius but remain ourselves unchanged.
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  1. DennisTate
    Thank you for hanging in there in this forum AspieforGod. I do think that this is a great way to reach out to other Christians and assist them to become better at evangelism. One of my own missions here is to make more Christians aware of how near death experience testimonies are a powerful tool to draw people to Messiah Yeshua - Jesus.
    Here is one of those discussions that you may enjoy:

    Near death experiences and ABORTION.
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    2. AspieforGod
      Yeah I'm learning to navigate it better and where I can help fill some gaps. I'm really drawn to helping new Christians by sharing the gospel in a simple easy to understand way to comfort them. A lot of people spout out passages of Scripture and expect that to be sufficient but until you know Jesus a little better and He gives you the love and desire of Scripture it's little help to them and just boosts your own ego.
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    3. AspieforGod
      Sadly a lot of males on here don't know how to address women and some women don't know how to respect men.
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    4. DennisTate
      I personally came out of a church back in 1990 that was on an ego trip and taught that way of thinking to all members. Even sincere Christians desperately need more humility.
  2. Greg Merrill
    I understand and agree with what you are saying about this site at first. I felt a little like that as well. Now I don't feel I have to read all the comments first so that I don't repeat what has already been said. At times it is good to repeat, and sometimes the repetition sinks in the second time, or is just a good affirmation for some. Then it is good for some just to exercise their own contribution, even if it might be a little redundant.
    Which gospel God leads one to use in evangelism is one of the great attributes of His Word. As we go fishing for souls, different fish are attracted to different bait, if I may use the crude analogy, MK 1:17. We should learn, that though John is good, Ecclesiastes might just be what someone needs, and God wants to use.
    One verse that I keep in mind with this site is 1Th 5:21. "Prove all things, hold fast that which is good." Hey I should take advantage of the tool on this site that allows one to add something automatically to the end of each of their posts.
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    1. AspieforGod
      Greg, thank you so much you have uplifted my heart. God bless you.
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