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Serving God - One On One

  1. one on one.jpg

    As individual believers, much of our service to God comes automatically as we interact with those we love. Those who work in service related jobs such as nurse, firefighter, teacher, ministry leader, etc. have the added benefit of serving others routinely throughout the day. Nevertheless, we all sometimes need a reminder of the many ways we can serve God one-on-one and how we might expand our efforts to achieve the greatest good. What follows is a small list of some of the many possibilities. My prayer is that you will use this list to inspire your service to God and that you will expand this list to include all of your own special talents and resources.

    Serving God by serving others one-on-one is your most intimate connection to what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. May you be greatly blessed in your efforts!

    Hug someone you love and let them know how much you love them.

    Do something unexpectedly helpful for someone close to you.

    Do the household chores another family member usually does.

    Use your God given talent to mentor someone.

    Volunteer at church.

    Search for a humanitarian organization where you can volunteer.

    Start a neighborhood watch program so you can meet your neighbors and find out how you might be able to help them.

    Invite a friend or relative to church.

    Offer to provide a ride to someone who doesn’t have transportation.

    Visit with elderly relatives or neighbors who are lonely.

    Cook for elderly relatives or neighbors.

    Visit and help those suffering from an illness.

    Make a new friend.

    Be a surrogate parent for a child who is missing a parent.

    Visit a friend or relative who is in jail.

    Listen for hints people give that indicate you may be able to help.

    Help someone study the Bible.

    Tell people what God is doing in your life.

    Donate money to a good cause.

    Donate your old clothes.

    Donate your unused household items.

    Start a small group at church.

    Take the time to listen to someone without any agenda of your own.

    When you’re out in public; look for opportunities to help others.

    Find a special way to thank your church pastors and staff.

    Become a foster parent.

    Adopt a child.

    Provide childcare so a friend or family member can have a night out.

    Give extra help to someone at work.

    Help someone with their school homework.

    Sign up for a Mission Trip.

    Search the Internet for more ways to serve God.

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