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Serving God By Serving Others

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    Tech Training

    St. Agatha Catholic Parish in North Lawndale, a suburb outside of Chicago, had to close their school but found a way to repurpose the facility as a technology training center. They have developed several programs to help families in their local community, including a program called Tech Girlz, designed to help middle-school girls find their way into jobs in technology.

    Fund Raising

    After a visit to Tanzania in 2006, retired third grade teacher, Debi Mazura’s heart was overwhelmed by the need to help the struggling people she encountered. Through tireless fund-raising, Debi has raised money to help drill wells, build a church, and pay for schooling and medical attention for dozens of young people

    Community Cleanup

    Central Christian Church, a large church in Arizona, decided to forgo Sunday service and instead spent that time in service to the community. They were able to deliver 6000 plus volunteers to about 95 local schools to perform tasks like deep cleaning, painting, assembling furniture, and landscaping. In addition, since there effort took place around Teacher Appreciation Day, they also delivered over 8,000 gift bags for teachers and staff.

    How might you use your talent
    and resources to Serve God?



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