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Seeing Further Than Most

By timothyu · Apr 10, 2019 ·
  1. The traditional ways of mankind are to accept at face value what the world wishes to teach us. Unfortunately, this also applies to those in charge of religion, having established for themselves a kingdom of their own making on earth, and like governors and financiers, expecting us to believe and not think. But doubt is good and it is not the same as pessimism or loyalty, both which firmly but blindly believe.

    If Jesus spoke in parables and God has "worked in mysterious ways", we then are not expected to accept without question. Are we to accept thousands of years of teaching and doctrine added to the words of Jesus at face value? Did not Jesus see past the priests of His day and point out how they covered the truth for their own purpose? Did anything change in that respect? Did they not become just another power ignoring true servitude, instead having it redefined to match servitude of monarchs and bankers and the like who feign giving of themselves, sacrificing to serve the masses?

    Questioning is God's way of having us look past what mankind has done with God and His word, to see what He was suggesting rather than what mankind wants to teach us of it's own traditional ways while using God to justify itself. It also applies to everything else in life, especially today as we are once again duped into accepting worldly supreme authority, including over God, for our own good.

    Jesus' two commandments and our lack of compliance, show how mankind has failed to question the blind leading the blind while instead pursuing their own agenda. Time to question that blind allegiance.

    © ...timothyu


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