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Sad Right Now

  1. I feel so sad right now, or depressed. For some part it's general sadness, but also feeling condemned and hopeless or worrying that I could be rejected by God. The fear that I could be unsaved, nonbelieving, the goats on the left or a foolish virgin. The fear of the Hebrews passages about ones falling away unable to be restored to repentance or wilful sin, and a passage about having a seared conscious. I have had so many evil thoughts and sometimes it seems like I'll say/whisper things for no good reason I worry about being judged for. Lately I've thought how can my thoughts get this dark? Be so horrible towards God? I also feel very alone, I feel kind of isolated offline - like I don't have many friends in general but especially I feel like I need more friends who can support me in the faith. Also thinking about some other things, like what do I do with my life/time? i feel alone and scared and sad.

    About Author

    18-year-old baptist from Texas. I grew up in the church but strayed from the faith when I was around sixteen. I have a fear of committing apostasy, the unpardonable sin, and not being saved. I have undiagnosed mental issues, but live with them. I like to learn languages and have recently gotten into drawing and painting again. I am in a CF study group that is going through a whole-bible-in-a-year plan, which helps motivate me to read the Bible even on days I do not feel like it.


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  1. faroukfarouk
    Hebrews 12 a great, encouraging passage for the believer! :)
  2. DeerGlow
    Right now thoughts of the mark about accepting or taking or thinking things look like the number. Please pray for relief from these thoughts and for me to be forgiven. I feel like going hysterical but it looks like the number it’s frightening I don’t want to be condemned.
    1. Shoetoyou
      Praying for you everyday, DeerGlow. I have no doubt you are forgiven, and not condemned. May Jesus give you His peace.
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    2. DeerGlow
      Thank you, I have had so many bad thoughts.
  3. Brotherly Spirit
    Hello DeerGlow!

    Thoughts come and go which we have little control. What we can control is how we let those thoughts do to us. Just continue to have faith as you are here, coming to God through Christ. Not letting those thoughts stay inside you but letting it go with confession, honestly recognizing what's wrong. If you're openly looking for help and searching for answers with him in mind, you have accepted him in your life. He's the gift that keeps giving to those who let him. So long as you have a heart caring to be of him, you can worry less and know he's with you.
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    1. DeerGlow
      This makes me want to ask, how would you tell someone to honestly recognize what is wrong? Like sincerely confessing?
    2. Brotherly Spirit
      That's a difficult question but prayer to God, reading the Bible, and fellowship with believers help. If it's for the right reasons, you get positive feedback, when it's for the wrong reasons negative feedback. Just need to be thoughtful and careful to listen to what's being told to you; basically taking it to heart.
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  4. mukk_in
    Seems to me you need a different perspective sunnybuck. Ever consider watching some funny movies? It may not sound spiritual, but believe me it is (Proverbs 17:22 - a cheerful heart..). I'd recommend Chonda Pierce. She's a godly woman and you may enjoy this on youtube: . She's actually talking about college life and thought you might enjoy it. Lighten up kid, God loves you. You're always in my prayers. God bless :).
    1. DeerGlow
      I thought about continuing this series I was watching but I haven’t gotten back to it. I’ve been watching a lot of Markiplier recently, like his last subnautica stream.
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  5. Emli
    I will be praying for you. God loves you so much! Don't let those bad thoughts bring you down, because Jesus is holding on to you, and He isn't letting go. :hug:
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    1. DeerGlow
      Thank you! I thought about trying to replace the thoughts but sometimes I can feel just stuck in guilt, you know?
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    2. Emli
      I definitely know what you mean. I have struggled with so much guilt. Jesus has helped me overcome so much of it though. I keep reminding myself how great God is, how loving and merciful He is. If you focus on yourself and your past, your heart will condemn you, but if you focus on the Lord, your heart will rejoice and you will forget all that guilt, because all you will see is His forgiveness.
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  6. God is good
    Just know that God and Jesus love you very much and I am also struggling with my bad thoughts but Jesus is our Lord and Savior and we can do everything through Jesus. God bless you and Jesus is Lord. If you ever want to talk you can message me.
    1. DeerGlow
      Thank you, that’s a generous thing to say. :hug: Has it gotten better for you?
  7. HereIStand
    You are a sheep if there ever was one, @DeerGlow. You are so sweet and sensitive. God has as a special place for you in heaven.
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    1. DeerGlow
      Your comment is so kind and uplifting, thank you. :hug:
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  8. Shoetoyou
    How well I know those feelings of being alone and and isolated! I hope you have found support and fellowship online here at least, DeerGlow, though I know it isn’t a full substitute for real world friendship. You are still in my daily prayers. Know that God loves you and won’t leave you alone.
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    1. DeerGlow
      Thank you for sticking with me, there are some users I feel as close to as one can be with online friendships/fellowships. :hug:
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  9. brinny
  10. Bluerose31
    I will pray for you that Jesus protects you and heals you. God bless you.
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    1. DeerGlow
      Thank you, I’m feeling low right now.
    2. Bluerose31
      Hugs DeerGlow. Jesus is with you. He will not leave you. He will protect you. Blessings.
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    3. DeerGlow
      :hug: I don’t know exactly know what to say but thank you for the encouragement.