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Recurring Dreams

  1. Over the past year or so I've been having recurring dreams where my cousins hate me and act spitefully towards me.
    As children we were close-ish but from teenagers onwards we haven't seen much of each other. I don't know if any of them are still believers for instance. There was some upset a couple of years ago and I apologised but I don't remember being told I was forgiven. I asked for God's forgiveness and got it. I don't think my cousins have the time to think about me in real life to care so I'm pretty sure it's just my overactive brain but the fact that the dreams are still happening makes me wonder if it's a message from God I just don't understand. Nothing violent happens in the dream I am just made to feel insignificant and unjustly treated by them. I wake up feeling like I should hate them back but I choose to not think badly of them or be manipulated.
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  1. Greg Merrill
    "For a dream cometh by the multitude of business (thinking on recent activities or not so recent), and a fools voice is known by many words."
    For in the multitude of dreams and many words, there are also divers (various) vanities (worthless things), but fear thou God." Ecc 5:3,7 In other words, don't put a lot of stock in dreams, follow the clear leading of God's Word.
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    2. AspieforGod
      I think God speaks to us all in different ways and for some that might be a whisper and for others it might be in visions and dreams. Each of us are unique and our relationship with Him is unique so whatever might sound unlikely or not relateable shouldn't be dismissed. Who are we to tell God how to communicate with His children. I came to my faith through visions and dreams that were very real to me no one can take that away from me or God. I accept not all dreams come from God.
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    3. DennisTate
      I agree that we are used to a situation where dreams have so often been from the dark side....... but isn't a time predicted when the least Christian will be greater than John the Baptist.... and the most feeble resident of Jerusalem comparable to King David.... (Zechariah somewhere).......
    4. DennisTate
      It seems to me that a shift is coming.... .so that those who tune into the darkness...... get lots of it..... but the people who tune into the mind of Messiah Yeshua - Jesus receive an outpouring of the Holy Spirit........ and when that happens guidance by our Creator should greatly increase.......
  2. AlexDTX
    Most dreams are not from God but are the communication of your heart to your mind. You feel bad about the "upset" and perhaps they do not forgive you in truth. However, as a follower of Christ, what is that to you? Let the dead bury their dead, you follow Christ. This is part of dying to self and fulfillment of Christ's words that brother will hate brother over Christ.
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    1. AspieforGod
      You're right, thank you!
    2. DennisTate
      Actually....... while we are in the world our dreams would tend to be from the dark side..... but if we regularly pray for deliverance from the Evil One...... our dreams should be very positive and should be guided by Messiah Yeshua - Jesus.
  3. Beaker
    I've only had ONE dream that initially thought was 'just a dream' but later saw it come to fruition, so relalised it WAS God telling me something. HE has also spoken through His Word and by that 'still small voice'
    Background to the dream, :-
    I was born having a Grand-Mal epileptic seizure and from the age of 7 they returned as 'Petit-Mal'. I had confined myself that I would never drive - my 5 older siblings all eventually did, as is the norm. When I was in my mid 20's, I DID have a dream in which I was driving all over. Now normally, when I awoke from a dream, I couldn't remember anything about it, THIS one, however, on wakening out of it, I remember hearing "LIA is a good year"
    Now let me explain,
    Where I grew up, the licence plate belonged to the vehicle and told the year the vehicle came out of production. Not having an interest in cars - after all, I was never going to be able to drive, I never took any interest in the plates. My father, however, knew what year each license plate was from. Not telling him my dream, I off-handedly asked him later on, what year LIA was from. He informed mt that it was from the mid '70's. - we were then in the mid '80's and the mid '70's would have been when I would have been eligible to drive had I not been suffering from the seizures; so to me, LIA was NOT a good year. However, after hearing about the dreams Joseph interpreted in the Bible, I thought, well maybe the 10 years difference means that MAYBE, just MAYBE, in the mid '90's I would be driving - BUT, it was still 'just a dream'. I didn't know what God had in plan though
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    1. Beaker
      In the early '90's I was offered a chance of surgery which, after a lot of prayer and guidance from God via His Word, and, being told that I was a suitable candidate for it, I went through. The surgery was 100% successful, but I still had to come off my medication - over 6,000mg of a concoction of pills a day. This took a few years and THEN, I still had to wait a few more years to satisfy the government that I was okay.
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    2. Beaker
      Continued I DID start learning to drive and in the mid '90's, bought my first car. It was then that the dream emerged from my sub conscious and I recalled it with total clarity.
      I NOW can say that YES, LIA WAS indeed a 'good year' - the dream HAD come true.
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  4. DennisTate
    It is extremely rare for me to be able to remember a dream at all......
    so I suspect that a recurring dream could be quite important......

    Have you ever read The Final Quest or The Call by Pastor Rick Joyner?

    There is a story in there about how he had been given a hint to visit a particular homeless man named Angelo that I believe you will find encouraging. I will try to find a link to it.
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    1. AspieforGod
      I dream most nights they are usually vivid and I remember them most of the time. I have recurring themed dreams a lot. In 2015 it was a lot about the ocean and water and me seeing it from different angles and heights or swimming away or toward shore. I have a phobia of open water.
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    2. DennisTate
      I've been told that the oceans are somehow symbolic of the nations........ many nations..... so I suspect that you are being shown how to reach out to many nations and groups...... You are doing just that here in this forum.
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    3. AspieforGod
      I haven't come across either but I like to read so will add them to the list! Thank you.
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  5. DennisTate
    This is near the bottom of the page... with the heading Angelo....
    The Final Quest [English] Rick Joyner
    1. DennisTate
      I could be wrong.... I am new at this type of spiritual gift but I suspect that the vision shown to Pastor Rick is similar to your recurring dream..... in at least some ways.
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  6. DennisTate