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Promises And Impartiality

  1. As I had typed about in the previous entry; I have a need for the foundation of life's principles put into practice. Attaining the certainty of truth, knowledge and righteousness; is easier said than done, probably believed than spoken. Not a single person can be all knowing and always right. Only by the standard of a higher being can we try to know more and do right. This is the humility of our humanity, the mercy of our judgment; both requiring us to restrain ourselves carefully from within to without, what's in our heart and in hand.

    Any decision in our lives, personal or political, should be true and honest. It requires humility to be honest with ourselves and others to mercy being careful with yourself and them. An genuine effort either way to not cross the line. So the responsibility and accountability of what we owe or are owed is founded upon the truth; how we're to be knowing what's right of ourselves and others. But again we're not all knowing and always right, if we're not careful we expect more than we have not only from ourselves but others too. It demands constant attention aided by habit of awareness and fairness.

    Last couple entries were inspired by thinking about God and country; more so what I've read this morning from the Bible and political forums (role of government, immigration and open borders). Heres a couple related quotes from what I read this morning that's caused me to express myself here;


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