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  1. The gospel of salvation was created as an aftermath simply because the original Gospel of the Kingdom, which Jesus had taught, was seen as offensive to the world. It got Jesus killed by those of authority who were threatened by it. A Gentile church which was created and soon operated in tandem with the world of man, certainly could not use a Gospel that threatened the very Roman authority that desired to use that church, first to win a war, next conveniently to head the scattered churches, then in the process, to unite an empire. They needed a gospel that would not step on the toes of worldly selfishness, power and greed as Jesus' Gospel did. We see the results today and people still follow the same misdirected religious attempt to keep things being of the world rather than of the Kingdom.

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  1. Aussie Pete
    Yes. Very little has changed overall. There have been times when the Church has gone back to preaching the Kingdom. Revival has usually followed. My hope is that the real Church shakes off the worldly and carnal chains and steps out in the glorious liberty that Christ died to give us.
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