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Precious Memories Of A Dear Sister.

  1. My wife and her sister Faith were always close to each other. Just a few years between them and a special bond of love and friendship between them. It 's her funeral in Bouremouth on Wednesday and we will be travelling down to support her dear husband and son and the rest of the family. Pray for us that a good witness will be shared with all who come. We loved her very much,but our consolation is that she is with the LORD and Saviour she served faithfully while on earth. God bless you all!


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  1. Pilgrim
    You and your family are in my prayers. May you find strength and comfort in the LORD and shine the light of His glory to all those you encounter while you grieve the loss of your sister and celebrate her life with precious memories among family and friends.
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  2. faroukfarouk
  3. Little Lantern
    Praying for your family, @quietbloke. Yes, there is consolation when we know our loved ones are with the LORD. We also know our separation from them is temporary, and when we do see them again we will be able to enjoy fellowship on a level never experienced on earth. May you all be comforted and strengthened by the LORD and be conscious of His Presence with you.