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Praying To Lead Someone To Christ

By Greg Merrill · Jun 28, 2017 ·
  1. Someone on the prayer wall had asked for prayer that they would one day lead someone to Christ. I gave them a reply, but later had an additional thought, but now can not find that post, so will just blog my thought here. Leading people to Christ (or soulwinning as it is also called) is a lot like fishing. That is why Jesus said "I will make you fishers of men" in Mark 1:17. Do you want to eventually lead your first soul to Christ? I could ask someone that lives near a lake "Do you want to eventually catch a fish?" You can want that with the greatest passion, but it will never happen unless you do some things in preparation. One, you should go down to the lake. Two, it would be a good idea to take a fishing pole with you. Three, you might want to bring along some bait. Four, attach the bait to a hook at the end of the line on your pole. Five, cast that hook into the water. Six, when the fish takes the bait... reel it in. Fishing can be that easy. Often it is not that easy. Other things are involved, such as the right time of day, the right location at the lake, how much noise you make, how you hold the pole, how you make the line move in the water or not, etc., etc. The same is true with soulwinning. Pick the proper place, proper time, who to talk to, what to talk to them about, what Bible to use, what verses to read or cite, whether to have them repeat a prayer after you, or pray on their own if they are even receptive to pray at all. Not knowing how to do these things will usually result in frustration. For instance, trying to talk to a bunch of teenagers all at the same time, that are at a video arcade will usually not be very productive. Talking to one person at the park, who has sat down next to you on the bench, and has entered a casual conversation with you, might be more productive.


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