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Prayer Reading The Bible

  1. I was just reading a prayer on "Prayer Methods" and it reminded me of two methods (among others) that I have used. I will use this blog to speak of the first, and then write another blog to speak of the second. The first is also the title of this blog "Prayer Reading". While working as a security guard a long time ago, and having much time on my hands at my lonely guard shack, I was allowed to read the Bible. As I was reading, I stopped and began praying about what I had just been reading till I had nothing more to pray on the subject. I then went back to reading until I came to something else that stimulated me to respond in prayer. After doing this a number of times I felt as if God were saying This is how I want you to read the Bible; I will talk to you through My Word, and then I would like you to respond back to Me in prayer." How obvious, yet I had missed this concept in the past. It is a great way to read the Bible. Try it on a chapter and see what you think.
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