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Prayer Against Depression

  1. As Christians we should expect to have our seasons in the valley when it seems like all is shrouded in darkness. I believe that knowing is half the battle and if we can retain this awareness of the seasonality of such melancholy we can know that the dawn is just around the corner.

    Prayer Against Depression
    Lord Jesus Christ you are a man of sorrows and you are acquainted with grief. You suffered the loss of dear friends, betrayal from those closest to you and murder at the hands of those to whom you were sent to save. You have navigated around the voids of despondency and despair without yielding to them because your power is greater than all temptations. You have overcome the world and because you are in me I have already overcome the world. Lord I need your help. My feet have been caught in the mire. I feel overwhelmed by these depths, as if I am enshrouded by darkness. My vision is blurred from my grief and it is hard to see the light. But Lord you are the light; and the darkness cannot abide in the light. Please lighten my eyes Lord. Please strengthen my knees that I may stand. Take hold of my hands and lift me out of the mire. Carry me through the depths and help me shoulder these burdens. Please help me. Lord, you are my deliverer. You have delivered me from all things and you will deliver me again that I may see your light once again and rejoice in you, giving thanks and praise for your salvation, mercy and goodness. By the grace of God I know the dawn is coming. Thank you Lord.

    References: Isaiah 53:3 (Jesus as man of sorrows), John 11 (Death of Lazarus), Matthew 26:14-16 (Betrayal by Judas), Luke 23:33 (Crucifixion), Hebrews 4:15 (Jesus resists all temptations), John 16:33 (Jesus overcame the world), Jeremiah 38:6 (Prophet in the mire), Lamentations 3:54 (Overcome by the waters), John 18:12 (Jesus Christ is the light), John 3:16 (Jesus Christ is our life).
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