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Pondering Mark 9:1

  1. Mark 9:1: He [Jesus] said to them, Amen I tell you: “There are some standing here who will not taste death into they see the kingdom of God come with power”.

    The verse above, I believe, has immediate inferences for the daily walk of the Christian. To know those, we should ask ourselves,

    (1) Have I experienced this power?

    (2). What does it mean to experience this power in a kingdom setting?

    (3) Why did just make this assertion about the kingdom of God and the power found within it? Hint: consider the verses immediately preceding Mark 9:1, Mark 8:34-38. Within these earlier verses, Messiah lays down the challenges faced by the earnest disciple if Jesus. How is one to faithfully and joyfully obey the requirements? Mark 9:1 is the answer. We are to, as Paul in another place enjoins us, “Have the mind if Christ.” One can tell that Paul learned from his Master, for Jesus says in Mark 8:33, “You do not have your mind set on the things of God, but on the things of men.”


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