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Poetry (couple Poems)

  1. Here's a couple of poems I did last Sunday. I've tried some short and simple poems in the past. But it's never been an actual interest or hobby. Hopefully it's something I continue, it's not stressful taxing me mentally and emotionally. Except unlike other things it has great meaning and purpose, while actually doing something yet relaxing yourself too.

    Also any suggestions or opinions are welcomed, whether it's grammar corrections or future considerations etc. Inbox conversations too if preferred.

    A Search of Belonging (11/25/18)
    An outer feeling I sense,
    An invisible light revealed in presence,
    A longing to be, is it the one who is of him,
    A being to see, it is the one who shows to them;
    To wander then wonder, from the lost to the glory,
    To quest when addressed, from the search to the grace,
    His brightness is the day, always is he the way.

    My child's memory (11/25/18)
    A self of no concern, unmindful and heartfelt,
    Then a present reality of pleasant presence,
    Neat wrapping torn and thrown, inside the treasured gifts;
    The long wait of short suffering to the short life of lasting pain,
    The joy of living, the boy playing, being loved and given,
    Never alone when people come, always someone when having fun.


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