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Peter Joins Jesus

  1. After reading about Jesus calling Peter (Simon) from the nets, to follow him (Mark 1:14-18) . . .

    I just threw down the net
    in a celebratory way,
    like when the fishing season is over.
    I doubt I’ll regret,
    “catching men” has full sway,
    the net shifting toward something much bolder.

    Men have to be caught,
    I believe it,
    I catch them swindling and lying and cheating.
    Does this mean life is for naught,
    without promise?
    Off with the Greek stoic, I am traveling!

    This rabbi is different, no doubt,
    the weight of his person
    is like the Torah given birth.
    I feel royal air as this Nazarene shouts,
    though we have light purses.
    Is Heaven moving? He is so like and unlike earth.


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