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Passion Week Timeline

By BrotherJJ · May 12, 2020 · ·
  1. On Nisan 10 a Passover Lamb is chosen (Ex 12). It is inspected for any blemish until Nisan 14. When the actual sacrifice was made (Lev 23:5) The Passover meal is eaten the next evening Nisan 15.

    Christ triumphal entry begins on Sun (Nisan 10). He is inspected for blemishes via the Pharisees & (Mk 12:17 & 25) And is killed on Nisan 14. Although his disciples prepared the Passover meal. Jesus was dead when the Jews ate it on Nisan 15.

    Christ triumphal entry begins on a Sun/Nisan 10). He is inspected for blemishes via the Pharisees (Mk 12:17 & 25)

    Christ is killed on Nisan 14.

    Approximate Nisan 14 timeline:
    Nisan 14 began at sundown. Jesus eats his last supper with his chosen 12 (7-9pm). They go the Garden of Gethsemane & Jesus prays (9pm -midnight) He is arrested (midnight) the Priests accuse, abuse & condemn Him (midnight-6am). He's taken to Pilate questioned, abused, scourged & sentenced to death (6am til 8am). Nailed to the cross (9am) suffers til & dies at (3pm) all on Nisan 14.

    Four day's noted above, three to go.

    Nisan 14 Passover (day of preperation) begins, Wed evening 7p til 7a.
    Nisan 14 Thur morning 7a til 7p: 9a nailed to the Cross & 3pm Jesus dies/He is immediately in the spirit realm = day 1 in the belly of the earth

    Nisan 15 Thurs (Sedar meal high Sabbath) evening 7p til 7a: Jesus is in the grave = 12 hrs night 1
    Nisan 15 Fri (high Sabbath) morning 7a til 7p: = 12 hrs day 2.

    Nisan 16 Fri evening (Sabbath) 7p til 7a: = 12 hrs night 2
    Nisan 16 Sat morning (Sabbath) 7a til 7p: = 12 hrs day 3

    Nisan 17 Sat evening 7p til 7a: (1st day of the week) any amount of time after 7p before 7a = night 3
    Nisan 17 Sun (Resurrection Day) morning 7a til 7p: Discipes encounter risen Jesus Matt 28:1-10.


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  1. ralliann
    The fourteenth day as to the liturgical temple ministry, A liturgical day has a morning and evening sacrifice. These continue on the feast days.
    My question to you concerns a time line of days according to the liturgical ministration of daily sacrifices. Temple time and days if you will.

    The morning sacrifice on Nisan fourteen occurs after its evening sacrifice or before?
    You say Nisan 14 begins in the evening, the daily evening sacrifice is 3p.m.
    The morning sacrifice is at 9 am. To which day does the morning sacrifice belong in your timeline?
  2. ralliann
    They didn't eat the passover on the evening of the fifteenth, they ate it the night of the fourteenth.
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    2. BrotherJJ
    3. ralliann
      It seems Rabbi Yitzak accepts it as an extention of the 14th, as the night follows the day. I think your op is problematic, at least for me, in the idea of the "next" evening.
    4. BrotherJJ
      We disagree, no harm no foul. I stand behind my post. Best wishes, JJ