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  1. My heels are hurting, should heal soon though, they are closed up (not bleeding/leaking) just not fully done yet. I had a nightmare last night, somewhere like the thin streets in Granada but also different (the backgrounds tend to change quickly in my dreams). I saw a woman in a hijab sitting down crying hard wirh her head down, and ran away from her before she set off an explosion. A dirty little boy ran out from some side place (like a street store or restaurant) further down and yelled and detonated explosives, I got close but not hit and kept running, feeling like I had nowhere else to go but also like there may be another person waiting ahead to trap me and catch me in an explosion.

    There are a lot of street vendors and small shops full of muslim and hindu stuff, which my parents keep wanting to look in (my dad bought a coin bag thing that looks like a qu'ran cover [from the pictures I've seen it reminded me of one] although I don't think he knows). I am having a lot of blasphemous and idolatrous thoughts. I saw a poster walking a few minutes ago about Ramadan(?), and I remembered that might be this month. I have heard the extremists are calling for more terror during this month. Really the Germanic/Nordic nations, France, and Britian I am worried for mostly.

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    18-year-old baptist from Texas. I grew up in the church but strayed from the faith when I was around sixteen. I have a fear of committing apostasy, the unpardonable sin, and not being saved. I have undiagnosed mental issues, but live with them. I like to learn languages and have recently gotten into drawing and painting again. I am in a CF study group that is going through a whole-bible-in-a-year plan, which helps motivate me to read the Bible even on days I do not feel like it.


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  1. mukk_in
    Hello munchkin. Yes, there are a lot of terrorists out there. But the Lord has you covered. "He (or she) who dwells in the shelter of the Most High shall abide in the shadow of the Almighty.......A thousand may fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand but you'll only watch the destruction of the wicked." So don't worry kiddo, you're safe. My best to your parents (hope you didn't forget to wish your dad - today is Father's Day). God bless :).