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Our Lives, A Collection Of Memories

  1. The prayer I just offered to another on this site, regarding his memory problems, is the stimulus for this blog, as well as thinking on this subject many times in my past. So often we use Day Planners, or other calendars to remind us of events or appointments we have in the future. It may be a wedding, a birthday, a social engagement, a doctor's appointment, a vacation, a work assignment. They are in our future's for just so long, then come and go, and they are just a memory. Pictures/videos may help us remember those memories, but so often they come and go and have little bearing on our present day. It is always nice to have something nice to look forward to in the future, but then it seems all too soon that it is come and gone, over, now just a memory.
    Well, one thing that we Christians should be looking forward to is The Rapture/Second Coming of Christ. (This is not a theological debate blog.) When that event/events take place... it will not just turn into "another memory". No, our world/lives will be forever changed in such a radical way. I would hate to have the memory problem this one is asking prayer for. My memory is not that good to start with, and I have already forgotten many of the events in my past life, some that are not that important to remember anyway. But I would not like to forget to remember that Jesus is soon coming. I won't mind when that event comes, and goes, for when it takes place Jesus will still be here, I will continue to live on in a glorified body like His. For me, there will be no more death, sorrow, crying, or pain, or looking back to this past life (much). Revelation 21:4; Isaiah 65:16-17. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.
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