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"oh My God! I See Center New York"... "look, You Know How In 9/11 There Were 2 Airplanes? This Is Like 5 Times Worst" Dream

By Job3315 · Nov 20, 2020 · ·
  1. Warning:
    My God given assignment is to publish these dreams. I am not responsible for the wrong use of these dreams by interpreters. I do not affiliate with any interpreter. The reason I publish my dreams here is so anyone can track the dreams to the original source and validate their authenticity. I only serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

    I dreamt I was looking at an airplane. My view was from the top of the airplane, so I was on the sky looking down. I saw the airplane flying towards land; it looked like New York. I overheard the pilot talk to someone. I was wondering how he was speaking and I had a picture of the pilot on the left side on first row of the aircraft with the other passengers. He was using a phone with a cord and he was looking out the window. I heard the pilot say to whoever he was speaking to, “Oh my God! I see Center New York!”. That’s when I knew the hijackers were inside the cockpit and were heading to New York. I also knew it was a commercial airline and they had been in a long flight, like 12 hours or more. They were arriving to New York in the morning from wherever they were coming from and I had a sense the airplane was almost out of fuel. I wondered if the hijackers were going to crash the plane or let the plane crash once it ran out of fuel. Then I was taken to a street in New York. I was following a Hispanic woman in her 50’s. She was chubby, short, white and had dark short hair. She walked into a street like an alley, and I saw people behind her walking on the main street. I thought, “Those people are walking into danger” because I felt they were walking towards the future impact zone. Then I thought about how when 9/11 happened, people had to run and the streets got covered with a white dust cloud, I pictured that cloud going over where the people were walking. The woman walked through a few streets/alleys between buildings, like a shortcut and she ended up in her husband’s garage (he was a mechanic). Her husband was Hispanic, white, chubby, tall and had short dark hair. He saw his wife come in. The man was with a young man and woman who were clients. The woman told the husband (the mechanic) she needed money to buy things. The husband checked his pockets and said he didn’t have money and looked at the clients. They exchanged some words which I felt like it was about having a cash advance for the job. The husband mentioned he was going to give them a discount for giving him money in advance. The young man agreed and gave the woman 20$, but then the woman grabbed a paper that was folded in half. When she opened it she saw money inside. I saw two bills, like a 1 and a 5 that were folded. She mentioned something like, “Oh, never mind, I have some money here” and she returned the $20. I thought, “why is she keeping only 6 dollars when she just had 20?” Then the woman told something to her husband about closing the garage for the day. She was being persistent. Her husband said something about her overreacting, but then she tried to explain to him that something was coming. I somehow was able to talk to them and we were in front of a tv. I told him she was telling the truth. I pointed at the TV with an image of the Twin Towers. I said, “Look, you know how in 9/11 there were 2 airplanes? This is like 5 times worst.” I was picturing the One Tower of the World Trade Center but I then I was thinking that what was happening is a 5 thing attack, not an attack to one building alone. He believed me and left. They ended up going to a place they own, it looked a lot like my old balcony in PR and I saw the woman had a lot of food laying around, food like fruits and vegetables. There were many grocery bags all over the floor. The woman was gathering the food and I was helping her. At some point I moved something and it looked as if water had been in that area and things were soaked. I grabbed a rectangular package of what it looked like a Dulce de Leche bar wrapped in clear plastic, but it was soaking wet and it had water inside. I asked myself, “how did this get wet inside?” and I noticed a hole in the package so I figured rats were trying to eat and they made a hole in the package. The woman grabbed another package similar to the one I found and she was going to save it, but I knew we could only carry certain amount of things, so I told her, “No candy, leave the candy” and grabbed other things. The only thing I remember of the things we picked up was a big heart artichoke, but it wasn’t green, it was pale yellow.

    Then I remember I was sitting in an airplane seat (I was another person) and my mom was behind me. A flight attendant was checking for tickets and identification and I became nervous because I knew I didn’t have mine. When the flight attendant got close to me and asked for the paperwork, I said I didn’t have it but left it in the restroom. I heard the flight attendant calling me Dayson, Dyson or Liaison as if she knew me. I was escorted to the restroom and we walked a long way to it across many passengers, so it was as if I was sitting near the front of the plane. I remember seeing the passengers and they were normal people wearing normal clothes. At some point I became “detached” from the person and I saw a woman with long straight dark hair in front of me. I saw her walking in front of me being escorted by two people (one of them being the flight attendant). Then the setting slowly changed to the inside of a building. The whole place was copper color (the walls, the floors) It looked like they were made of granite, it looked expensive. She ended up walking into a restroom to get her documents. I didn’t enter the restroom but I knew it was a big one with several stalls. I know there were more people inside. When she came out of the restroom. I noticed she was the actress Torrey Joel DeVitto. She played Dr. Natalie Manning in Chicago Med. When she walked out of the restroom. She joined 2 more people. They were acting normal and blending with the people as normal. They were talking about studying numbers. Torrey said she opened a paper and she had lots of 3’s and lots of 6’s and “hyphens”.

    Then I saw man walking. He had brown/orange hair. His hair was long, down to his neck and it was combed back. I then saw a man and a woman following the man. I knew they were all together and they were walking out of a building, like when you do an inside job and then you split from your partners and each one take their own separate ways. I saw there were more people in the lobby and these 3 walked out through people and a restaurant towards the exit of the building. I remember thinking that if the two following stayed close to the man who was walking in front of them, people will get suspicious that they were together. The guy in front left towards the left side of the sidewalk and then the woman and the man walked and stayed in front of the building. Once they were outside, they were on the sidewalk of a street, it felt like New York. The woman faced the man, I didn’t see him or her, but I knew they were young. The woman told the man to wait there for her and she left. I saw the man wait and I felt like hours passed. It got dark and it was raining. I saw the woman coming with a man behind her on a street. I was able to look from her point of view (across the street where the man was standing) and I looked at the man and I felt she was amazed and surprised the man still waited for her, but it was like when a woman uses a man and she was expecting him to be gone, but she was surprised to see his fidelity. I noticed he was soaking wet; he had a dark jacket on with a hoodie and it seemed like he was cold. I felt bad for him because he waited for her. The woman got close to him. They were like in a bus stop, in front of a busy street. There were cars coming from all directions. He was happy to see her. She said, “look” and pointed to the sky. They both looked and I saw the whole sky got lit up with starts. It was so bright that the sky became sort of light blue because of so many starts. It looked like when you go to a planetarium and the ceiling gets all lit up with stars but it was still nighttime. It looked beautiful. I had a sense the woman had left and just got back with another man. She had left to do something, so I had a sense she had something to do with the sky getting lit up like that.


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  1. Job3315
    I forgot to add the date, but I don't like editing dreams after I post them so I am adding here. I had these dreams on November 8, 2020.