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No Stress, No Worries...no Clothes

By Darkhorse · Oct 6, 2020 · ·
  1. This last weekend, my family and I headed out to a resort for a weekend of relaxation and recreation.

    Three days of swimming, talking with friends, and playing volleyball.

    Three nights of dances with...whomever.

    No stress, no worries, and...no clothes.

    That's right, no clothes. The people at this resort don't wear them, at least not to the extent that people generally do.

    When the air gets cold, shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants are popular.

    But when it's warm, they all come off. The only thing people wear is sandals or shoes on their feet.

    The experience is transformational.
    You see yourself, and others, and life itself, differently. More inclusively. More Divinely.

    And this is true, even if you are the only person around.

    Best of all, the insights you gain remain with you when you leave the resort and return to your everyday life.

    Like carrying a little bit of Eden in your awareness.


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  1. jacks
    Sounds like fun, but I guess open carry is the only option? :)
      Darkhorse likes this.
    1. Darkhorse
      Actually, fanny packs work well for carrying all kinds of items.
      jacks likes this.
  2. grandvizier1006
    It is, but we have mosquitoes, venomous snakes, poison ivy, and various other things that make nudism, at least rural nudism, difficult, at least for white people like myself. Although a concrete, chlorinated, sanitized nudism is possible, just for only a few hours of the day, though (late afternoon has too many mosquitoes, noon is too hot and concrete becomes scalding to touch) etc. I suppose it’s not impossible, but you’d need tons sunscreen and bug repellant, and probably a waiver saying the club isn’t responsible for skin cancer from excessive tanning, or various mosquito diseases, because without those two things virtually every white person at a nude resort in Mississippi would get at least one sunburn or bug bite. And the idea of having a mosquito bite my genitals terrifies me. How those Choctaw, Chickasaw and Natchez tribes avoided all this and our dangerous animals (back then there were bears, panthers, etc. in Mississippi, and the bears are supposedly making a comeback) is a mystery to me. It was much worse before air conditioning, though!
      Darkhorse likes this.
  3. grandvizier1006
    Glad y’all got to go somewhere, this summer has been vacation-less for most of us. I’m surprised your governor didn’t forcibly shut everything down. Here in Mississippi everything is open but we have no nudist resorts (I thought it was the social climate, but I’m starting to think it’s actually the geographical climate).
      Darkhorse likes this.
    1. Darkhorse
      Actually, it was closed down for a while earlier in the year, but it's now mostly open, with social distancing and masks indoors. I really miss the hot-tub though (still closed).

      What do you mean about the geographical climate? Mississippi is hot and humid about half of the year, isn't it?