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No More Proselytising.

By Norman70 · Jul 29, 2020 · ·
  1. Now that I have decided to avoid proselytising, for myself at any rate, being an anarchist I cannot speak for other anarchists, I have now to think about what I will be writing in my blog entitled Christian Anarchism.
    It has been suggested that writing about my own experiences in dealing with life's problems might be a good idea, so I will begin there. Just today I went through a list of all the things I could remember doing which were naughty, bad and wrong, and the punishments I received. This brought me to accept why the whole concept of punishment, whether it be physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual is so abhorrent to me.
    Now as a Christian Anarchist (I will stop using capital letters, it suggests that I am referring to a mainstream Christian denomination) I am adamantly against the physical chastisement of children, against physical violence of any sort, e.g. deliberately breaking a dinner plate in anger, for instance. Our world is too precious to deliberately hurt or even destroy the good things in it.


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  1. Truly1999
    Sadly, I think far too many Christian pastors and leaders have used the church pulpit or podium to dispense their own ideas of God's response to people who do not follow the straight and narrow path. God's wrath and Hellfire and Brimstone has too often been used to control congregations and too many Christian parents have listened to pastors who pass judgement on their children's behaviour. Yes, there needs to be discipline but are we are taught in the Bible that love overcomes everything?

    I agree with you, and so does the British government, that physical chastisement of children is wrong. But there is a grey area which I'm not sure has been adequately addressed. Physical puishment can be used by a parent so long as it does not leave a lasting mark. So, a slap on the legs or spanking with the hand only, seems allowed in the UK at the moment - I might be wrong.

    But I know, sadly, that too many Christians believe that God endorses their physical punishment of their children. As you say, psychological punishment is as bad, and in my experience, the method of control was primarily psychological and emotional rather than physical. Physical violence by the father against the mother in front of the children demonstrates how the father is in charge of the household. The children are taught the lesson to behave or else they can expect the same treatment as their mother. But the father still feels the need to be aggressive in his behaiour on a regular basis - subtle terrorising of the children with the threat of physical violence through raised voices and shouting.

    Physical violence only ever serves to suppress the other person.

    Sadly, many parents' and guardians' response to "bad" or "naughty" behaviour is to address the behaviour directly through imposing a sanction upon the child.
    1. Norman70
      Many thanks for your quite lengthy and supportive comments concerning the proselytizing by mainstream Christianity, and the corporal punishment of children. I would like to let you know, and I hope others read this too, that when I was a teacher in the UK I was an active member of S.T.O.P.P. (Society of Teachers Opposed to Physical Punishment) and we were instrumental in bringing our views to the UK government, resulting in the banning of CP in all schools.
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