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No Cash Register Store

  1. Austin We Care.jpg

    Can you imagine going to a store to shop for items you need, yet not having to pay anything for them? Well this is exactly the experience Austin We Care has created for families in need.

    For years, Austin We Care has invited families in need to come select needed items at no cost to them. On a designated day in December, Austin We Care volunteers would transform a local community gymnasium into a department store. Sections were included for brand new toys, brand new shoes, barely used clothes, and a grocery package that included a turkey; however, at this store there was no cash register.

    It has been a blessing to help families in need especially during times when so many families were struggling to provide the basic necessities for their families.

    Austin We Care is a nonprofit organization that was established in 2000. Apostle John Horne and Lady Barbara Horne, leaders of Restoration Temple of Deliverance, serve as the President and Vice President of Austin We Care. In more recent years, as Restoration Temple of Deliverance was in transition to a new church building, Austin We Care has done different variations of Christmas assistance. This past December, Austin We Care worked with a local housing authority to identify families in need. The organization purchased toys for these children from their wish list and also provided each household a food basket with a gift card to purchase meat. Volunteers delivered the toys and food baskets to the families at their homes.

    It’s truly amazing what Austin We Care has accomplished solely through volunteer efforts. Funds for Austin We Care are obtained through grants, donations from local stores, individuals, fundraisers, and support from the Restoration Temple church family.

    How might you use your talent
    and resources to serve God?



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  1. maintenance man
    I wish more churches would do this.