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My New Fascination

  1. I have developed an increasing fascination with sign language. Its so fun to learn! I first became interested in ASL back in high school. I learned a few things.... which I don't remember now...then again in college- I wanted to learn sign. I never took the class but I got the book from the bookstore. I didn't learn much. The 18 year old me would hate to hear me admit it.... but I wasn't very mature. So I didn't commit.
    Well, I got older and had children and it turns out that sign language expedites the development of verbal language. So my interest in ASL ( American Sign Language) peaked again. Im now on my way to knowing as much sign as I know Spanish. Hablo un poco Espanol. ( eventually I would like to return to learning Spanish and to learn it fluently. Whenever it stops being frustrating...long story. Another post).
    Anyway...the sign for Jesus is pretty cool. You take the middle finger of your dominate hand and tap it to the palm of your other hand. Reverse hands and repeat. This symbolizes the nails in His hands. Isn't that neat! I think so.
    Here is something interesting, the sign for mother is made my touching the thumb of your dominate hand to your chin, palm open, fingers spread. Same for father, but its done on the forehead. Signifying that the patriarch is head of the home. The sign for God is an open hand, as with mom and dad, gestured up above your forehead, starting down in front of your chin. Signifying that God is higher than both. The ultimate patriarch. These are my observations. Not anything I was told or read. I find it fascinating!
    The sign for faith is intriguing as well. You point to your forehead with your index finger (dominant hand). Your nondominant hand is in a fist at chest level. Bring the dominant hand down to the other, making a fist as they touch. Its an interesting sign. You begin pointing at your temple and end with both hands in front of your heart. To me this symbolizes how faith requires us to do a little less thinking and a little more trusting. Having faith means accepting that we wont always have all the answers. We won't always see a way. But we trust in Him.
    A very cool sign.
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  1. Beautyinsteadofashes
    Alright so maybe I'm a dork but I just watched a YouTube video of this girl signing the whole song " sweet dreams" by Beyonce. And I thought it was so cool. She had the facial expressions and everything and she just made the sign language look like part of the dance. Maybe I am an odd duck but I find sign language fascinating. If I ever learn it fluently and run in to a deaf person I will be so excited that I will be able to communicate with them! And I really hope that sentence did not sound condescending or demeaning in any way. As that was not the intention.
    Oh goodness let me jump off of here.
    Be productive Christina.
  2. Beautyinsteadofashes
    Just learned some more signs including the sign for "savior". It combines the signs for "save" and "person". You make a fist with each hand and cross them at the wrists in the shape of an "x" in front of your body. Uncross your fists so that your arms are apart to the sides but still verticle in front of you. ( I'm doing my best to explain) then open your hands and drop them straight down as if miming a podium in front of you. That's "savior". Anyway the "save" part looks a bit like your breaking free from chains. Sorry all if this is confusing-hit up YouTube and watch a video for signing the word savior.
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  3. Christie insb
    I have always loved watching people sign. I taught my daughter 3 signs when she was like 9 months old. It was fun. When she was in preschool, her class would do a little with the special ed preschool down the hall. They were singing "The more we get together," signing the word "more," one of the words I had taught her. She didn't seem to remember but one of the special ed little boys would try to take her hands and get her to do the sign. Good times!
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