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My Identify...there's No Crisis

  1. good-morning-1199257_960_720.jpg

    I don’t have an identity crisis, I know who I am:

    When I really, really mess up,
    I identify as forgiven, because I am.

    When I am in a bad mood, gripey and grouchy,
    I identify as loved, because I am.

    When I feel misplaced in a world that is unfriendly,
    I identify as saved, because I am.

    I am…
    Humbled by His mercy
    Overwhelmed by His love​
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  1. brinny
    This is a beautiful and edifying reminder of "who" we are in Christ, no matter what happens. A solid-as-a-Rock fact, and an unshakable promise to us from God, our Anchor in the storms of life. :)
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    1. AmusingMargaret
      Thank you! He has blessed me immeasurably.
  2. Pilgrim
    Amen, Jesus sent us His Comforter for just such occasions. He is always there for us, and knows what we need, before even we know what we need. Praise God for His Love and Mercy.

    PS. My compliments to your skillful use of poetry and graphics. God blessed you with an artistic talent. This evokes memories of opening up the morning window to begin each day with God—a joyful thought indeed.
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    1. AmusingMargaret
      Thank you, my friend. This graphic I found on Pixabay.com, I did not make it. The photography in my latest post is mine. Again...thank you for your kind words.
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  3. Greg Merrill
    Let's remember who we are, using Margaret's reminder here. Thanks, Margaret.
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