My daughter, she was not raised this way

Now as if things were not hard enough, my daughter who is 20 has a beautiful baby girl. The baby was sick so my daughter and a man she was dating took my granddaughter to the ER. Then they had to get her RX, so my daughter left the baby in the car with the guy so she was not out in the bad weather. Well when they got home my poor at the time 7 month old granddaughter had one side of her little face black and blue. Her face, cheek, ear, head, eye, and skull was horribly bruised. We called the authorities and got the brush off saying the baby was too young to say what happened so they could not do anything. then I was at work and got a call from a cop i know personally. He told me to leave work and come to the daycare or my granddaughter may go to the state and my daughter may be arrested. that day they stated they did not feel my daughter had done anything. Well a week later I got another call. It was CPS, I had to meet her at the court house and was given emergency custody of the baby. We had court the next day. That day the judge gave me custody and made me kick my daughter out of my home. I was devastated but thankful Aurora was with me and not foster care.

My daughter was given several things to do, things I been telling her to do since she had the baby. Get her high school education, get a job, etc. Well now she has all those requirements plus anger management, parenting classes, personal counseling, getting her license, and her own place to live. She must do all this before she can have the baby back.

I had found a way for her to stay with my friend who is a strong christian lady and has known my family since I was 15. My daughter took advantage of her, coming home at 3am, and being disrespectful. When my bff stood up to her and said she needed to grow up and be responsible, she got mad and took off. She went to a wretched part of town, to be with the father of the baby. A man who has put his hands on my daughter, who dumped her when she was in labor. She saw her daughter Dec 30 for 1 hour, and another day for 20 minutes. Tuesday will be 2 weeks since she even saw her baby.
She is not providing financial support either although she is supposed to provide for the baby.
She wants to call at night right before I put the baby down to "talk to her on the phone" but the baby is 8 months, she does not comprehend talking on the phone and only wants to eat the phone.
I do not see how my child can abandon her daughter like this. She is allowed to visit anytime she wants as much as she wants as long as I supervise and she has chosen not to.
We go to court the 26th and I fear what the judge is going to say and do since my daughter has done NONE of what was ordered.
They have now told me if she does not change she will not get the baby back and that it will be 6 months to a year at the soonest if she does get her back.
I have quit my job, which i hate.
My daughter does not realize how she is making this worse. She refuses to admit she is facing abuse and neglect charges based on her own actions, she just says "i didnt do anything wrong, I am a good mom" but a good mom does not go 2 weeks and not see her child.
My granddaugther is now on a schedule, she is doing so well, learning so much. But she is developing the bond with me that she is supposed to have with her mom.
My daughter of course blames me for all of this, when I did nothing.
I just wish she could see how much I love her, how I want to help her, but she is so rebellious and so angry.
She stated she has no reason to live anymore. I think she says this out of wanting attention cause she has always done things for attention, but the whole situation is horrid.
My husband and I are now struggling financially cause although we were supporting amanda with a home food etc, she was at least working and buying diapers and things for the baby, now its all fallen on us and I am no longer working.

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