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My Creative Journeys Part 6: Other Hobbies

  1. Part 6: Other Hobbies

    So, in the first five parts of this blog series I talked about my main creative hobbies, but there are still a few minor creative hobbies I have that I don't do as often. I'll conclude this series by describing them a little bit.

    -Clay Modeling-
    I got into clay modeling when I was eight years old, though I did make a few clay models before that. At first, my clay models were solid-colored and simple, but soon I began to make them multicolored. In November 2009 I tried new techniques that improved my clay models, and in April 2010 I finally started using toothpicks to hold them together. Soon after that I stopped making so many clay models and now I only make them once in a while. Most of my clay models are small and made using colored clay that never dries out, but I'd like to try making some with polymer clay sometime.


    This is a clay model I made using a plastic Easter egg as a base for a contest on another website. The creature is called a Vanilla Ice Cream Kuron and is an original creature from that website (April 2012)


    A clay Eevee from Pokemon I made for my mom's birthday one year (April 2014)


    A clay Hero Chao from Sonic the Hedgehog with a ball (May 2014)

    I started singing sometimes as a hobby when I was nine, though I did sing some before that. At first I didn't mind singing in front of my parents, my brother, or my best friend at the time, but soon I became more shy and only sang when no one could hear me, which I still do.

    I first attempted to animate in December 2009, but I didn't make an actual GIF until a few months later. I still make animations using digital art programs once in a while. I'm no expert but I'm better than I used to be. I used to use a website to make animations that messed up the colors, but now I use one called LunaPic that doesn't hurt the quality.


    My first animated GIF attempt, an original creature named Spafurma in the wind, made with Paint (March 2010)

    Eevee-tail wag.gif

    Eevee wagging its tail, made with Paint (May 2014)

    -Pixel Art-
    I first tried making some pixel art/sprites in 2011, but I wasn't very good at first. I made some more over the years that I think look better, but I'm still no expert.

    Pixel Baglion.png
    Pixel image of Baglion LV.3, a Charabom I made up, made with Paint (November 2012)

    Pixel Etecoon.gif

    Animated pixel Etecoon from Metroid, made with SAI (April 2017)

    Sometimes I enjoy using creativity for other things, like decorating cakes/cookies/cupcakes, but I'm better at actual art. It's still fun, though!

    -Other Hobbies-
    Basically, my not-so-creative hobbies include playing video games and using the computer. Still, I guess you could say they do involve some creativity; after all, I make digital art, digital music, typed stories, plushie patterns, animations, and pixel art on the computer, and I've learned many creative techniques online. Plus, I've had many creative ideas inspired by video games, and my favorite things to draw are my favorite video game characters and OCs. I even own two video games-Art Academy for Nintendo DS and Pokemon Art Academy for Nintendo 3DS-that are all about drawing!


    Drawing of Raichu made in Pokemon Art Academy (August 2016)

    And so, those are all my creative hobbies and creative journeys! I hope you enjoyed seeing my work and progress, and the journeys still continue today! Thanks for reading! :)

    About Author

    Multifavs has been doing traditional art since 2000, digital art since 2007, and sewing since 2014. Other creative hobbies she enjoys include writing and music. She hopes to be able to use her talents to serve the Lord and help others.


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  1. Pilgrim

    "The Family of God" with Davey & Goliath
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  2. Pilgrim
    Multifavs, you have Multiskills. With your clay sculpting I'm reminded of Davey & Goliath, the animated Christian cartoon from yesteryear. Glory to God.
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    1. Multifavs
      Thank you Pilgrim! That cartoon is cute-the artists were very talented! God bless.
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