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My Creative Journeys Part 5: Sewing

  1. Part 5: Sewing

    For as long as I can remember, I've loved stuffed animals. I've always liked animals and wanted a pet but was never able to get one, so I started collecting the next best thing. They're so cute and soft, and I say you're never too old for them! ;)

    Anyway, ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be able to make my own stuffed animals so I could have some of my own characters. But even though my mom and dad both know how to hand-sew, I never thought to ask them to teach me. Then in November 2014, when I was 18 years old, I'd been talking to someone who made hand-sewn plushies, and she taught me how to make one! We made my first handmade plushie together, and in December I decided to try making some on my own.


    Handmade Christmas plushies of Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu from Pokemon, the first plushies I made on my own (December 2014)

    My sewing and pattern-making skills weren't very good at first, so my first few plushies didn't have much shape and were fragile.

    -Learning New Skills-
    For a while after making my first three plushies on my own, I practiced my hand-sewing by making plushies from free patterns I found online. Then in February 2015 I attempted making my first pattern for a "3-D" plush and also tried new techniques.


    Handmade plush of my Hero Chaos Chao, Chaorro, from Sonic the Hedgehog. My first attempt at a "3-D" plush from an original pattern (February 2015)

    I kept trying, learning, and improving, and my plushies became better-shaped and less fragile. At first I only used felt, but over time I started to experiment with fleece, faux fur, and minky.


    Remake of my Chaorro plush (February 2016)

    Beanbag plush of Eevee from Pokemon (October 2016)


    A plushie of my original species Phoson and the last one I sewed by hand (January 2017)

    -Sharpening My Skills-
    In June 2017 I got my first sewing machine and in July I made my first machine-sewn plushies. I had to learn how to use the sewing machine so at first I had some trouble, but eventually I got the hang of it.


    Two plush puppies and my first plushies sewn by machine (July 2017)


    Handmade Eevee plush (September 2017)

    I also began to try making a few things other than plushies, like this Advent calendar.


    Handmade Advent calendar (November 2017)

    -Where I Am Now-

    How am I doing with my sewing now? Well, I can say I've certainly learned a lot and I'm definitely better than I used to be. However, I'm still no expert, and I'm still learning more and more about sewing and pattern-making.

    Even though the reason I wanted to learn to make plushies in the first place was so I could make some of my original characters, I haven't made many of my characters due to the difficulty of pattern-making and finding the right fabrics. Even so, I've made many plushies so far, given some away, and even sold a few! It's been a lot of fun, and I'll continue working on improving. Someday I'm sure I'll be able to make more plushies of my characters! :)

    About Author

    Multifavs has been doing traditional art since 2000, digital art since 2007, and sewing since 2014. Other creative hobbies she enjoys include writing and music. She hopes to be able to use her talents to serve the Lord and help others.
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  1. Brightmoon
    You at least started with something easy. my first quilt top was part of an Islamic pattern . I knew how to sew by hand but this thing had 1/4 inch patches . I also used Rit ( which fades) to dye the old sheet I used as fabric . Every mistake in the book ! Too hard and poor supplies and equipment. Of course I got hooked I still quilt 40 years later
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  2. faroukfarouk
    Keep up the skills! :)
      Multifavs likes this.
  3. Sam91
    Wow, you are talented!
      Brightmoon and Multifavs like this.
    1. Multifavs
      Thanks so much! :)
      Sam91 likes this.