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My Creative Journeys Part 3: Music

  1. Part 3: Music

    -Beginnings (Recorder)-
    From kindergarten to eighth grade I took music classes in school. For the first few years we would sometimes play with instruments, but it wasn't until third and fourth grade (2004-2006) that we learned to play the recorder, which was the first instrument I learned to play. During that time I loved to play the recorder and began to make my own music to play on it. At one time I actually owned five recorders!

    -Expanding (Piano Keyboard)-
    In September 2007, when I was 11 years old, my dad found a child's piano keyboard in storage that had belonged to my grandma (his mom) in the 90's. I tried playing it and I thought it was so much fun. That's how I got into playing the piano keyboard!

    Early in 2008 we found another keyboard in storage - a Casio keyboard that belonged to my grandma (my mom's mom) back in the 80's. Because it has many more sounds and features than that child's keyboard, it helped me learn and expand my music.

    From ages 12 to 19 I would get to play a real piano at my grandparents' (my mom's parents') house, which I enjoyed. I also loved playing the piano keyboard so much that in 2009 I got another child's one for Christmas - a brand-new one with more features and sounds than the other child's one.

    -Trying New Things! (Digital Music)-

    My first attempt at digital music was in April 2011, when I was 14 years old. My mom found a website called SoundJunction, and I decided to try it. The songs I made with it weren't fantastic and had little background music (I'm not as skilled with background music). The last time I checked, SoundJunction no longer exists.

    In September 2011 I came across I website called Aviary that had artistic tools. I joined it and mainly used it to make music on their music-making programs that I liked more than SoundJunction. I continued to improve on my digital music.

    Here is the first original song I made using Aviary:


    Magical Secret (September 2011)

    Here is the second-to-last original song (and my personal favorite) I made using Aviary:

    Peaceful Day (July 2012)

    In September 2012 Aviary shut down. Shortly before that, someone there gave everyone a list of free online music-making programs. The one that most appealed to me was called AudioSauna. Even though I first discovered AudioSauna then, I didn't actually make my first song using it until December 2013.

    I only have some of my AudioSauna music on my SoundCloud, but here are two of my favorite remixes I made using it:


    Super Bomberman 5, Stage 5B-Music Box Remix (October 2015)


    Super Bomberman 3, Password Remix (October 2015)

    Both of these, as well as the other Bomberman remixes I have on there, are actually version 2; the first versions were made a year earlier and didn't turn out as well.

    -Where I Am Now-
    I still play the recorder occasionally, but now I'm out of practice and prefer the piano keyboard. I only have two of them now, the old one I got in school that I used to learn the recorder and a spare one.

    I still play the piano keyboard sometimes and I still own the three keyboards that I mentioned earlier in this post. Whether old or new, I think they're awesome! I play by ear, as I've always done.

    I still make digital music on AudioSauna once in a while. I'm not the greatest at background music and timing, but I'm doing my best to improve! I also still make my own music sometimes.

    That's my musical journey! If you want to hear more of my music, you can find it on my SoundCloud. Hope you enjoyed! :)

    About Author

    Multifavs has been doing traditional art since 2000, digital art since 2007, and sewing since 2014. Other creative hobbies she enjoys include writing and music. She hopes to be able to use her talents to serve the Lord and help others.
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