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Movie Review: The Unidentified

By pilgrimsong · Apr 29, 2015 ·
  1. Movie Review: The Unidentified
    I was supposed to make a review of this movie some months ago, but I have failed to make one. So while I'm on a holiday break (Chinese or Lunar New Year celebration), I decided to write a review. When I was still in my teens one of my favorite tv series was Roswell. I even bought a vcd copy of it online. It is about a young teenager named Liz, who had a brush with death, wounded by a gunshot but was saved by a teenager named Max, who healed her instantly on the scene because unknown to everyone, he was really an alien whose ship has crashed here on earth, and secretly they live together with humans, acting like real normal people.

    It is natural for most people to think that there are other so-called other life-forms in the universe other than us humans who are living here on earth. With the discovery of another galaxy and our vast universe, people believe that there is another life form besides us. Sightings, such as UFO in the U.S and in other countries have flooded the media, and a lot of films were created, dedicated to this 'aliens'. Who has not seen E.T. and Mac and me. These 'aliens' are portrayed as cute and friendly beings with supernatural powers. Kids and young people are influenced by these kind of movies and they hope and wish that they will have a friend such as these creatures.

    It is easy to believe that they exist, and some people have devoted their lives in researching these sightings and these so-called 'aliens'. We as Christians know our purpose, and why we are created on this earth, to know that there is a GOD who created us. That He has sent His only Son to redeem us from our sins, that our ancestors have committed (Adam and Eve), and we have inherited that sinful nature. So we are sinners at birth. Thus, we are called to put our trust in Jesus, and to follow His teachings, and share the Good News to everyone. So what is the purpose of the so-called 'extraterrestrials'? They are here mainly to deceive us! Yes! you have read it right! We all know that the devil is the greatest liar and deceiver, and everything that GOD has revealed to us, he can distort it. As believers of Jesus Christ, we know the words of GOD, so do satan. Remember Jesus' temptation in the desert? Satan knows the bible and he uses and distorts them. So this is a warning to all of us. We must be very careful in studying the bible, and be vigilant like the Bereans. Not all preachers can be trusted. They are like wolves in sheep's clothing, disguised to lead us astray.

    Movie Plot: The movie set in a small Texas town, a man, while driving home on a back highway at night, claims to have encountered a UFO. Two reporters from a national magazine are sent to investigate the incident because their editor wants to publish a story on the controversial subject UFO's. Brad thinks UFO's are a hoax, Keith senses that something is out there.Each man tries to prove the other wrong. (source: Wikipedia)

    I really recommend this movie by Rich Christiano, a known producer of Christian films. I have seen some of the movies he has produced and they are good. (ex. The Secret of Jonathan Sperry). People nowadays are entertained by supernaturals, paranormal and the unexplained.. For us Christians, we know that watching and involving ourselves with these kind of films, can do more harm than good. In the movie it shows and explains that satan counterfeits GOD's works.

    In the film, and in the interviews of people who were said to be abducted by aliens (in real life), they said that the 'aliens' are here because they will help us, and the end is near. Those who make contact with them, they can take us to another planet which is safe for us humans. While most of us Christians believe in the rapture, the disappearances of people being taken, and then returned again by these so-called 'aliens' and when they appear again and tell their experience to the people around them, they can really mislead the people, this we can see is a plan of satan to thwart GOD's plan for all humans. The belief in this superstition, alien existence is really alarming!

    There is no further revelation, other than that of the bible. Jesus came, and revealed to us everything that we need to know. I have learned my lesson, never to believe in things such as these. It is very evident that this is the enemy's bait, to mislead us. So we must be careful in choosing what to believe and to watch. It is edifying, and it in line with the bible and Christ's teachings? There is nothing in this world that is not unidentified. For Jesus has opened our eyes to the truth. He is the one that we need to believe, trust and hope in, and nothing more.

    Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."- John 14:16
    Trailer of the movie, 'The Unidentified.'


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