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Minor Prophets Speak To Us Today

By Greg Merrill · Apr 21, 2017 ·
  1. his morning, as I again returned to the desire to have memorized the themes of the Minor Prophets, I thought I might share this as a post to help others, as well as be a tool to help me accomplish this goal. Wouldn't it be nice if we could have a general idea of what each book of the Bible was about?

    How does God speak to you and me through the themes of the Minor Prophets? First I will list the theme or themes I have for the book, and then I will write how I apply it personally to me, and you can see if it applies to you in the same way.

    HOSEA God's faithfulness; God's love for Israel; Return unto the LORD
    (God is faithful to me. God loves me. I need to either return to
    the Lord, or strive to draw nearer to the Lord.)
    JOEL The Day of the LORD; Judgment of nations
    (One day I will be called to give an account of myself before God,
    Ro 14:12, and I should live each day living for God in
    preparation to give a good account.)
    AMOS Divine punishment follows persistent sin;
    All nations are responsible to God
    (Do not persistently continue in any sin, for God will eventually
    have to discipline me. I am responsible to God to walk with
    Him in righteousness, in obedience.)
    OBADIAH Doom upon Edom
    (Continue in my support of Israel, for all that won't will suffer
    God's displeasure, though never doom for the Christian.)
    JONAH God's mercy; Nineveh Repent!; God's concern for Gentiles
    (God is merciful to me. I need to repent of any sin. God has
    concern for me personally.)
    MICAH Judgment upon Israel & Judah; Bethlehem's King and Kingdom;
    Message to leaders not to exploit the poor.
    (God will judge any unconfessed sin of mine. Jesus is my King,
    and I am part of His Kingdom, a kingdom I should support and
    work to expand. I should keep in mind God's concern for the
    NAHUM Doom of Nineveh and Assyria
    (Keep on in my own support of Israel, and encourage this
    support to others, and my children, and the younger, next
    HABAKKUK Why Chaldeans judge Judah;
    God's kingdom and people will triumph
    (The ungodly may appear at times to be more prosperous
    than I, but I am far more blessed having an eternal
    ZEPHANIAH Fall of Jerusalem; Remnant rescued for blessing;
    Judging nations, Day of the Lord
    (Be on guard against turning from God in old age.
    God will one day deliver me from this world through
    death or rapture. I will give an account of my life.)
    HAGGAI Restoration of temple and kingdom foretold
    (I will some day have a new body (temple) and be living where
    God's will is done on earth as it is in heaven
    (upon the new Earth.)
    ZECHARIAH Messiah, the Branch and King-Priest
    (Jesus has been chosen by the Father to "branch out"
    from Heaven to where I am on earth, to provide for me
    as King, and to intercede for me as Priest.)
    MALACHI Final judgment and warning to Israel; Formalism Rebuked;
    Stop withholding from God
    (There is coming a time where God will give me my final
    opportunities to relate to Him in this present life. Be on
    guard not to operate in the flesh, just going through religious
    motions. Expand my service to God.)

    May this study help you understand the Minor Prophets a little better, and see how that you can personally apply them to your own relationship with God.


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