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Mental Illness, Jesus And Meditation.

  1. I have mental illness, probably because my life has been so messed up, its taken its toll. Maybe not, i dont know why but i know that God has blessed me with peace. When my mind begins to assume the worst, or despair over something, its then that i meditate on that peace. Its like i have a choice, to think bad things or good things. I choose good things. Praise the Lord my soul. :) I want to laugh because i use to feel bad about my mental state, but now i have Jesus to help me. What do i have to feel bad about? Praise the Lord.
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  1. Stone-n-Steel
    Before salvation I think we all had mental illness. Now its just realizing we are cured and live that life instead of the old on we used to have.
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    1. W2L
      Yes, Thank you.