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Meditations 101:... Hallowed Be Thy Name...

  1. So the next line of the Our Father is, "... hallowed be Thy name..." This line deals with the Holy Name of God, a subject I really enjoy thinking about contemplating!


    The Holy name of God is YHWH, which is often translated to “HE WHO IS," a good and accurate translation. In fact God Himself, appears to have given approval to this translation when He spoke the following, to Saint Catherine of Sienna:

    “You are she who is not, and I AM HE WHO IS.”
    (From Raymond of Capua’s Life of Catherine of Sienna)

    When I receive Holy Communion, or make a Spiritual Communion, I often chant this informal prayer of mine:

    “You are HE WHO IS, and I am he who is not.”

    That being said, there does appear to be a more accurate translation of YHWH, and that’s HE IS BEING. (Y= He HWH= Being) This leads to one of my favorite arguments for the existence of God, the argument from contingency. Rene Descartes claimed that the bedrock of certainty was one’s own mind, “I think, therefore I am” but there is a serious problem with that claim, how does one know, that one is? One needs to exist in order to think and be, existence is the bedrock of certainty, for without existence one cannot “think therefore I am.” What’s more, what does Descartes mean when he says “I am?” I say “I am” all the time, but that doesn’t mean that I'm Descartes, nor does it mean that Descartes is me, Descartes’ existence is limited to himself and my existence is limited to myself. Now Descartes is dead and I am still alive, when Descartes died, all of existence did not die with him, this means that Descartes’ existence, is not existence itself, but rather Descartes is dependent on existence for his own existence. Thus, there must be some Being on which all other beings are dependent for their very existence, what is that Being? Well God in the Burning Bush said “I AM WHO AM” (Exodus 3:14 DRV) in other words, He IS Being (YHWH) God IS Being Himself, He is that upon which all of existence is dependent on.

    Names are very significant, Jesus’ name is "He Saves," very simple yet full of meaning. When we get to the Hail Mary, we’ll see that Mary’s name is very mysterious, yet also, full of meaning. Words are also meaningful, God created the world through words, and His Son is the Eternal Word, the Logos. But the Greek word Logos, doesn’t just mean “word,” it also means “reason,” -the english word logic, is derived from it- it refers to the reason of everything, the order of the universe, Eternal Wisdom Itself or rather, Himself.

    Thus God’s Holy name signifies exactly who He is; He is Being Himself, Existence Himself, Truth Himself! God is HE WHO IS, and we are, we who are not, we are dependent upon Him for everything, even are very existence.

    Glory to God
    Hail Mary


    About Author

    JesusLovesOurLady was born and born again through the waters of baptism a Catholic. But fell away for awhile in his youth, but through the help Our Lady of Fatima was called back to the One True Faith! Now armed with new wisdom of the Church's intellectual traditon, and a deep love for Our Lady, JesusLovesOurLady intends to save many souls and become a Holy and Godly Saint!
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  1. Gabriel Anton
    Peace be with you.

    Thank you for the Lovely Sermon.

    God Loves you.
  2. Bluerose31
    Thank you for sharing this :)
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