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  1. Mary is an important example of how the testimony of a believer reflects the love of God, proclaims him and encourages others to be faithful and fruitful.

    We shall call her “blessed!”,*
    not merely memory, but her in heaven, yes.
    She, Immanuel-bearer, provoked jealousness,**
    so that we the Body should hold His Holiness.

    Maria saw first-hand, felt faith grow for months,
    mercy formed, for the first time, the preexisting One.***
    Why was she favored, why indeed her Son?
    No one was spared to show the Father’s Love.****

    He would stir the nations,
    her heart be made borderless
    by the sorrow of losing
    Messiah on that life-size crucifix.+

    But joy would always conquer,
    help the mother see the Son
    as making her an instrument to suffer,
    even to go mother John.++

    The one who leaned on Jesus’ chest,+++
    would need Maria’s song
    and vision to prepare his pen
    for Patmos’ revelation.++++
    * Luke 1:48
    ** Matthew 1:23
    *** John 17:5
    **** John 17:23
    + Luke 2:33-34
    ++ John 19:26
    +++ John 13:21-25
    ++++ Revelation 1:1-4; 9


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