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Make Your Own Youtube Bible Video Library

By Greg Merrill · Jan 11, 2019 ·
  1. I got another idea today, and thought I would share it with some people.

    I was reading through the Bible in Exodus 26-30 this morning.
    Because the description of how the tabernacle was put together is not one of the most interesting passages, and is hard to picture in one’s mind, I thought I would view it on a Youtube video.
    You can do the same. Go to
    (Cut and paste this into your browser where you see other https:// addresses at the top of your screen when browsing the Internet.)

    The narration begins at Exodus 26:15-30, skips to 27:9-21, and then there are other words and entire verses missing as we follow along. It would be nice if a complete reference of chapters and verses were given beforehand so that we could read along while watching. Better yet, if these had been printed on the screen in a way that didn't block the picture completely, we could read along without having to take our eyes off the video.

    For future use, remember that you can go to Youtube and type in other descriptions of such Bible passage and see a video on them.

    If one wanted to, they could start constructing their own personal library of such videos
    by just copying the URL (the https://www. addresses) and inserting them in their own folders and files on their computer.


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