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  1. In both terms, I would like to state this BEFORE somebody tries to argue with me, over my posts or the Bible. If you get upset over what I post, it is YOUR choice to argue. I want to say two things. If your Mad, please get Glad. You should always be happy in my opinion, I'm not here to argue, just to tell the Truth. This is the way my Pastor told me: You are not supposed to argue over the Bible, NOBODY wins.

    It is also a waste of both parties' time. I think it may also be a violation of the commandment "Love your neighbor as yourself." It is in a sense Mutually Assured Destruction for all who argue. Breaking any of Jesus' Commandments is a sin.

    That is all.

    See you later!~


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  1. MostRadicalManEver
    having a discussion with people, you don't need to be "mad" about it.
    I like chewing over stuff. If i disagree with someone, i don't feel the need to be upset.
    Speaking the Truth in love kind of takes the 'mad' part out.
    I think anger may be rooted in fear or resentment (which is hate?).
    1. Coleton Bryce Ritmanich
      I like you. Some people tend to debate and lean towards arguing, and that is mutually assured destruction. If someone is using the Word of God and Scripture in spite towards someone else, then it is not righteous. I was just saying I wouldn't argue or debate with anyone over the bible because no one will ever win. It is futile and a waste of time. Time better spent serving and praising the Lord God.
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    2. MostRadicalManEver
      Thanks. It is more important for me to get to the truth than to be right. If we are both genuinely seeking truth, then being 'mad' won't happen. It will be a fun filled seeking journey rather than an argument.