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Luke 16 -- Say What?

By ZNP · Aug 21, 2020 · ·
  1. Luke 15 has three stories that are very familiar topics to preachers. The lost sheep, the lost coin, and the prodigal son. Everyone “knows” those stories, but then you come to Luke 16 and it is “say what?” When I come to a chapter like this I have to wonder if I really understood what I was reading because if I did why is this chapter so mind boggling? In chapter 15 we are rejoicing over finding something that was lost. This chapter is about a manager who is about to lose his job because the owner has not been getting a good return on his investment. Secondly, I very much dislike the tendency of expositors to refer to “additional teachings” because they didn’t know how they fit in. To me that is like rebuilding an engine, you took it apart, then rebuilt it, and now you are left with a few extra parts and you are trying to tell me these are “extra”. They aren’t extra, you just don’t understand how they fit in! Finally, I love chapters and verses of the Bible that I do not understand because I have something to pray over and I know when the Lord opens up the verse to me it will be a new revelation that I didn’t have before. That is what I hope to see here in chapter 16.

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  1. ZNP
    Lord have mercy on us that we could carry out the job you have given to us faithfully. We lack wisdom, so please give to us liberally. You have given us a little faith, we pray that we would handle that little faith in a trustworthy manner. Lord may we value you highly, and may all other things that men trust in be detestable in our sight. May we listen to Moses and the Prophets in how to be faithful to you.