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Luke 14 -- Salt Therefore Is Good

By ZNP · Aug 4, 2020 ·
  1. The Lord said His yoke was easy and His burden was light, is this really easy? Let’s compare. In the world they are struggling to get to the top of the heap. There are many people who give it everything they have and yet the world still finds issues. These debates about who the greatest of all time is for the various sports is one example. Why isn’t it good enough that they gave it everything they had? Second, what about those who get injured. The Lord asks us to give it everything we have, if we get injured it doesn’t stop us from doing that. But in the world they judge you by the ugly metric of idolatry. In the world you can be an ox working hard, but if you fall into a pit they can have all kinds of reasons why they can’t pull you out. In the world you sit down to build a tower all kinds of things can happen, calamities that are completely beyond your control. Suppose you come to a team and you want to make them into one of the all time great teams whose name is respected and then they trade you? You have no control over that, but in the New Testament we have a covenant, we don’t get traded. It is up to you, you can give 100%, that is your choice. Our being salt indicates that we have a relationship with Jesus and with God. Salt had to be added to all the offerings, it was required. God requires that Jesus have this relationship with us. Also it is not up to you to keep the ark of the covenant from falling. All you need to do is follow the Lord, everything is ultimately on Him. He is the one that is coming with an army. We saw Him coming and the gospel was all about the conditions of peace with God. For the last two thousand years millions, hundreds of millions, even billions of Christians have received Jesus as their peace offering. The peace that we make with God requires that we renounce everything that we are and count it as dung. This is the road we take to the Lord’s second coming. At the time of Jesus the Roman roads were built to transport salt. From the moment Jesus set His face to go to Jerusalem you see this process, He is salting the disciples. “He that is least among you shall be great” dealing with their ego. “The Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head”. Jesus Christ is our offering to God. However we are the salt: “You shall season all your grain offerings with salt. You shall not let the salt of your covenant with your God be missing from your grain offering; with all your offerings you shall offer salt.” (Lev 2:13). We are added to these offerings. Jesus is our peace offering, but you need to add salt to the peace offering and we are the salt. Jesus is the burnt offering, but you need to add salt to the burnt offering and we are the salt. If you have lost your saltiness then you won’t be added. If you want to be part of the Lord’s ministry then you need to be salt.

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