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Looking Back To Look Forward

  1. Many people talk of the need to be saved, but it seems they rarely say or clearly define saved from what? Instead they expound endlessly on how to be saved or what salvation is.

    Reverse the process by asking and answering the question 'saved from what?'. The answer to that question would clearly show them why they will then need to have a change in attitude procuring a new way of life. A changed outlook firmly planted in the new faith opposite to what it is they find out they needed saving from.

    It puts the focus on how the Kingdom exposes the backwardness of man instead of backwards man making up their own ways to salvation that conveniently does not include changing their ways. Man is strongly into self preservation of what fleshy man is. Our whole world is built upon it. God is into exposing a different side of our nature. His Kingdom is built upon it.

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  1. HenSoma-OneBody
    Amen, we are not called to make changes we choose to make. Instead, we are called to fully surrender (die to self) and be reborn into a new creation through the power of Jesus.
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