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Living Sacrifices

By ShekinahInGlory · May 26, 2021 · ·
  1. "The LORD will protect Mount Zion, but the people of Moab will be trampled down, just as straw is trampled in manure." (Isaiah 25:10 GNB)

    The son of the bond woman is still persecuting the son of the free woman. The persecution of Christians is on the increase in Nigeria and all other parts of the world. In the middle of all of this challenge, the Lord is sending us a promise that He will protect Zion. He will become the hedge of protection for His church. He will build His church and the gate of hell shall not prevail over her.
    Conversely, the enemies of righteousness in the land shall be trampled down. The Lord God will bring them low and destroy their pride. He will frustrate their enterprise and cause them to sit in dejection and hopelessness. The enemies of the church will soon suffer a major defeat that will terminate their reigns. It will cause them to be less than nothing.
    There is an urgent need for us to arise and pray as Christians. We must refuse to be the last set of Christians. We must make efforts to establish the truth of the gospel everywhere. We must strive to hand over the same set of principles to the next generation. This is not the time to pursue monetary gain, it is the time to bring glory to our King by all legitimate means. It is time to offer ourselves as living sacrifices to the King of kings (Romans 12:1-2).

    ACTION PLAN: What are you pursuing in life? Is it money, fame etc? You were created for His glory, then seek to bring glory and honour to His holy name.

    PRAYER: Father, I rededicate my life to you, it will bring glory to your holy name.


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  1. Psalm 27
    Amen. I forgot to pick up my e-cig the other morning, then I saw your message about your prayer, later that day. Thankyou. It is going. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak...
      ShekinahInGlory likes this.
    1. ShekinahInGlory
      It is the Holy Spirit that strengthen our spirit. This can be achieved in the place of prayer. Jesus prayed fervently before confronting the temptation of not going to the Cross. The Holy Spirit is a quickening spirit. God bless you.