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Leaving Second Life

  1. I am feeling sad because I left Second Life for good. I feel I will not find the happiness I found on that site again and i miss the creativity but I know the site was not a good site and that it caused alot of problems for me.


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  1. Greg Merrill
    When it comes to finding happiness, it may not come right away, but the Devil can't compete with God. We may not find great happiness (which is based on circumstances) in this narrow thread of time we call "life on earth", but eternal life goes beyond what we have in this "lifetime", and while Satan is tormented in the Lake of fire, day and night forever (Rev 20:10), Christians will be happy, joyful, peaceful, satisfied,... and the list goes on and on.... forever, and ever, hallelujah.
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  2. frienden thalord
    and the prayers keep on................we love you blue rose...................
    or as my Spanish friends like to say................rosa Azul....................
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  3. frienden thalord
    I am sorry blue rose................but we shall keep praying for your healing.
    1. Luin
      Thank you Frienden :)
  4. frienden thalord
    Blue rose..........we love you and yes are still praying for you.
    what brought you happiness on the site
    what creativity did you like
    and what was the evil done ,
    I have found its best when we speak about these things.
    due to sometimes it can be error on our part , on theirs, or on both.
    Rose Azul...............nuestra senorita, de la rosa Azul..........
    be blessed.
    1. Luin
      I loved the creativity of being able to have an avatar and walk around, swim and dance. It brought me happiness to see my avatar walk around and be like me. The evil done was that I met a woman on the site who I roomed with for a time and she then kidnapped me and raped me with two other men. I had met her on Second Life.
  5. AspieforGod
    All goodbye's are hard aren't they? But we must move on and keep living! Who knows what is around the corner perhaps something even better that will eclipse what you left.

    Hang in there xxx
    1. Luin
      Thank you so much Aspie :)
    2. AspieforGod
      You're welcome! God bless you.
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