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Jesus Saving Me

  1. November 26,2017

    I went to church today but had a horrific experience. I had some terrible flashbacks to my torturer calling me evil and beating me. She had no mercy on me and I feel she was able to destroy me. I know Jesus is going to save me this holiday season. I know he will come and help me and protect me and give me hope. I know that he loves me a lot. I love him a lot too. I don't want him to ever be taken away from me. Jesus let me know that he loves me and that I have suffered a lot. He said for me to read about saints every day and that it will help me see I was not alone in my suffering but that people have suffered badly throughout history for being Christian.


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  1. joshcorn
    Hello Bluerose. Sorry to hear you had a bad day.What Church you belong to,my guess Roman Catholic. You are are are are saved and loved.Fellowship with Jesus in your heart,Hr waiting for you.
    Never mine reading about the saints.I have a feeling Jesus never said that to you.
    1. Bluerose31
      I attend a church called Grace Christian church. I go with my family. Thank you for saying I am saved and loved. I will continue to fellowship with Jesus in my heart.