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Jesus Saving Grace

  1. Today was a hard day. I felt broken and afraid about my life because of my torture. I felt afraid. I prayed to the Lord and he told me that he is with me and that he is comforting me. He told me that I will only suffer a little while and then I will heal completely and that all my life I will be protected. He told me that he sees me still and knows how afraid I am. He told me that he has been with me everyday since I was born and that he will make sure that I am healed and will one day be in heaven with him. He let me know that this year will be easier than 2017 and that he is working hard to protect me every day. He said that I am his child and he knows the horror that has been done to me, mind, body and spirit and that I should just trust him like a child because all will be well.
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  1. Jenniferdiana
    thank you luin. i insanely love/long for him.
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    2. Jenniferdiana
      yeah. my heart is broken but i'll be ok..thanks for asking
    3. Bluerose31
      I am sorry your heart is broken dear. I will continue to pray for you. I am sending you hugs. I will send you a message.
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    4. Jenniferdiana
  2. Jenniferdiana
    Thats good. please pray for me and tell him i said hi because he obviously doesnt hear me....
    1. Bluerose31
      Jennifer I will surely pray to Jesus about you. I am so sorry you feel he doesn't hear you. He does hear you dear. He loves you so much. I will pray that you feel his love today.
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