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Jesus Is God Tho

  1. The grave couldn't contain Jesus why?

    Because He is the eternal God

    Jesus fulfilled the law how?

    Because God cannot contradict himself. God cannot sin against himself.

    Hebrews 1:1-4

    1 Timothy 3:16

    1 John 5:7


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  1. Devin P
    Sorry, I didn't know about the character limit. Read the bottom one first!
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  2. Devin P
    Adam - Man
    Seth - Appointed
    Enosh - Mortal
    Kenan - Sorrow;
    Mahalalel - The Blessed God
    Jared - Shall come down
    Enoch - Teaching
    Methuselah - His death shall bring
    Lamech - The Despairing
    Noah - Rest, or comfort.

    When you put it in a sentence:

    "Man appointed mortal sorrow; The Blessed God shall come down teaching His death shall bring the despairing, rest."

    How amazing is our Father יהוה? There's so much more that we've yet to understand. And even more I could share, but this message is already too long, so yeah haha. What's more amazing, is that when this was written, not only did NO one have any way of ever knowing about this to fake it, BUT, the very people that would have faked it, still to this day don't believe in the very words that are there to fake them in the first place. It's a proof if anyone needed any, that God absolutely inspired this beautiful living book.
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  3. Devin P
    Not only did He fulfill the law of the Red Heifer, the law of the scapegoat, and many others, but He also fulfilled all 4 of the spring feast days that prophetically foretold of Him. He will next fulfill the 3 fall feast days which prophetically deal with His second coming.

    He died on Passover, and because of His Perfection and Faith, He purged the leaven from His people, fulfilling the feast of unleavened bread, and He rose on the feast of first fruits which is held the day after the sabbath on the 1st day (what we now claim wrongfully as the sabbath thanks to the Romans) and He dished out the Holy Spirit on Pentecost.

    Now, as Revelations prophesies, He will return on the Feast of trumpets, judge of Feast of Atonement, and make His 1000 year reign and abode with us on the Feast of Tabernacles :) Tis awesome.

    There's so many more fulfillments of these things. The only reason He died, was because He put Israel (the northern 10 tribes) away, which basically means to divorce them, but it's different. Because, according to His law, because we were put away from Him, we were unable to remarry another, cursed to be suffered with the law of our previous Husband until He died... Since He's God, and He had to die somehow for us to be freed, it seemed hopeless. He then, came down and died for us, so that we could be freed from that curse of the law of our previous Husband, and would be free to remarry another eligible bachelor (aka, Jesus or Yeshua). Being freed from the law of our previous husband, by His death.

    It's even cooler, when you see that this was prophesied WAY back in Genesis.

    The genealogies from Adam to Noah predict it. It's important to know before you read on, that Hebrew names, pretty much always have a meaning behind them. A definition. At least, 95-98% of them that I've seen biblically anyway.