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Jesus Gets A Promotion

By Greg Merrill · Dec 6, 2019 ·

    I was amazed to find that Wuest in his Greek Word Studies of the New Testament doesn't even address 1Pe 3:22. I guess he thought the words were clear enough that THEY didn't need any further explanation. It is a verse I have spent little time on in the past, but oh how glorious it has just become to me. I have added it to my memory verses.

    Try to first imagine when Jesus was walking the earth in His flesh, nothing outstanding about His appearance that would draw attention to Him; no halo, no typical look or dress that is depicted in the pictures artists have drawn of him. In those days there was no famous "look" about Him that would make Him easy to recognize on sight by those seeking to arrest Him. After walking the dusty trails of Galilee, He looks tired. His feet need washing, and He could use some sweet smelling perfume, if you know what I mean. Imagine those in His life that are not impressed with Him. Even as a baby, Herod the Great wants to kill Him. At twelve years old, even Mary and Joseph lose sight of Him. As an adult, Herod Antipas, soldiers, and priests mock Him, spit upon Him, and pluck out His beard (Isa 50:6). Pilate cries "Behold the man", as if that was all He was. Even eleven out of twelve disciples were slow to point out who He really was. Peter had to be give the words by God the Father to say "Thou art the Christ!" He is despised and rejected of men, not recognized for who He was. Then we read 1Pe 3:22. "Who is gone into heaven, and is on the right hand of God; angels and authorities and powers being made subject unto him." No wonder He said in His prayer the night before the crucifixion "Father, I will that they also, whom thou hast given me, be with me where I am; that they may behold my glory, which thou hast given me:…", Jn 17:24. People that have come into some kind of greatness upon earth have made famous the line "If they could see me now!", referring to how they have been promoted in life, or climbed "the corporate ladder". No one has gone from such lows to such highs as Jesus; from being mocked, scourged, crucified, and forsaken by God and men, to ascending into Heaven, attaining all the authority and power of what it is to be God; all in Heaven, including angels, authorities, and powers being made subject unto Him. Jesus didn't just get "A" promotion, He got "THE" promotion! There never has or will be any greater promotion than that. So many in His life on Earth looked blankly at Him at times with no conscious or recognition of all that He was. What about us? Do we get a weakness in our knees and in our hearts that moves us to humbly fall before Him in utter worship?
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