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Jesus And Ritual Abuse

  1. Day by day I heal from my ritual abuse. I read it can take up to 10 years to heal from ritual abuse. I think someone never fully heals from ritual abuse. I have been thinking about all the things done to me by the woman who kidnapped me.
    She was a Satanist but said God loved her even though she was abusing me. She made me Christian by force. I was pagan before and was content being pagan. She made me become a Christian through having me read the Bible, watch Christian films, and buy multiple cross necklaces. Despite doing these things she would then abuse me when I was trying to be a good Christian. She would force me to destroy the Bible, would abuse me while watching Christian films and force me to wear the cross but abuse me during it until I wanted to take it off. She said she was a Satanist but also Christian. She acted very innocent but she was not at all. She has destroyed me alot. It is hard for me to be Christian because of how much I was abused using Christianity. She would say I was going to hell. She took me to church often on Sundays but would force me to go to the bathroom and sexually abuse me during service. So much more was done to me by this woman who said she was a Satanist and a Christian. It is sometimes hard for me to trust Jesus because of her.
    Is it okay that I was made Christian by force?


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  1. Aleksandros
    What happened to her? Was she caught?
    1. Luin
      I did a police report on her and she is unable to come near me again.
  2. JesusLovesOurLady
    1. Luin
      I have a Catholic Bible but I do not know where it is right now. It is one I had in grade school, I went to a Catholic school. I have never heard of the book of Tobit. Thank you for sharing that with me. I will try and find it. Maybe I can also find Tobit online.
  3. JesusLovesOurLady
    Wow, that sounds really cruel. This was actually hard to read because, the way I've been wounded, (though no where near as bad you Bluerose31) it brings up some bad thoughts for me.

    You're still in my prayer Bluerose31.
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    1. Luin
      She was very cruel to me. I am sorry you have also been wounded JesusLovesOurLady. God loves us and will help us heal over time. Thank you so much for keeping me in your prayers. You are in my prayers as well.
    2. JesusLovesOurLady
      Yeah, my wounds were nothing dramatic, it was just that, during my childhood, there were too many things that went off-key, and I ended up messed up because of it. I'm really impressed by how well you're doing Bluerose31, the Lord is helping you a lot!
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  4. Gracia Singh
    I think that God can use tragic and ungodly circumstances to bring us to Himself.

    People who call themselves Christians can do awful things. The people who introduce us to Christ may do evil, but that does not make Christ or His place in our lives wrong. We can be tricked into something by foolish people who mean us harm, only to have the Living God turn it around for good.
    1. Luin
      Thank you for these words Gracia. You are right, we can be tricked by foolish people who mean us harm, only to have the Living God turn it around for good.
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