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Invasion Of The Body Snatchers - A Tozer Sermon Commentary

  1. In the fall of 1938 panic swept this country. A radio broadcast was reporting strange sightings all across the United States. These sightings turned out to be harbingers of an alien invasion. Mars had invaded earth! What turned out to be a radio drama based off of the H.G. Wells' novel War of the Worlds was believed to be a real broadcast that created a state of terror (start at around 2:20 in the linked video if you are interested in listening). The director of the drama, Orson Welles, ended up having to apologize the following day for the panic he created. Flash forward years later to this sermon by A.W. Tozer titled "Revelation: Invaders from Other Worlds" where we are warned by the Book of Revelation of a coming spiritual invasion at the end times.

    Only the Heavenly Father knows when all of these end times events are to take place (Matthew 24:36) but those of the faith should know not to panic when they do, for they will be protected with the seal of God (Revelation 7). This will be a time of great terror and tribulation, and perhaps we can look to the panic created by the War of the Worlds broadcast to get some inkling of what things are going to be like when these ends times come to their fulfillment. However, this invasion discussed by Tozer is only the culmination of an ongoing attack. "They" are already among us. This "they" are the rulers, principalities and powers in the heavenly places (Ephesians 6:12).

    The time has long since past since they "landed" on earth, for Satan fell from the heavens down to the earth like a bolt of lightning (Luke 10:18). Satan and his demonic host dwell amongst us and within us. Their purpose is to "steal and kill and destroy" (John 10:10 ESV). They have already invaded our minds and bodies (and some say souls) and yet we do not respond to this invasion as we would if they were invaders from another planet. Oftentimes we do not take to arms to deal with them but are rather content to let them dwell in our sin nature instead of taking the steps (deliverance or otherwise) to rid ourselves of their menace. We have seen in Joshua that there are consequences for allowing the aliens to dwell with us, "they shall become thorns in your sides..." (Judges 2:3). We must remove these thorns from our sides and stand in Jesus Christ to rid ourselves of these invaders so that they may torment us no more.

    Lord Jesus Christ, the Devil seeks to invade the territory of our minds and bodies and lay claim to that to which he has no claim as a result of your work on the cross. I pray that you guide us with all wisdom to take the steps necessary to remove all those spirits that would plague us and trespass in the holy temple of God.


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