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    So how should these statements generally be interpreted? Let’s take a look…

    1. Rightfully helping people to repent of their sins is an act of love, not hatred. Our secular world and even some Christians have the idea that any kind of correction is hatred. But in actuality, supporting someone’s sin is really not love. Helping others to repent, as well as love, leads souls to Heaven; but allowing them to remain in their sin will only lead them away from God.

    2. Yes, Jesus does love us all. But does that mean He’s okay with everything we do? Certainly not! In the Bible, He not only corrected others who were living in sin but also instructed His Apostles to do so. We are called to do the same. Think of it this way: good parents love their children, but at the same time they discipline and correct their children when they do wrong. In the same way, we are God’s children and He wants to lead us back to Him when we stray.

    3. Similar to the answer above. Some Christians today misinterpret love and hatred in some ways. Love your neighbor, but don’t love their sins. Be a good friend to them, and when they do wrong, correct them. If they don’t listen, pray for them. Remember, we are all works in progress. Heaven rejoices over one sinner who repents!

    4. We all have good times and bad times in our lives, and many of us struggle with illnesses and other hardships. But most of the time they have nothing to do with how we are living or how close we are to God. In fact, hardships are sometimes given to good people in order to purify them further. Also, demonic possession is rare nowadays. In the Old Testament, people thought that many illnesses were caused by demons because they did not know much about them, but in modern times we know what causes illnesses. Remember that. So please, do not accuse anyone of planning to sin, being possessed, or lacking faith because of something they’re struggling with. Hear their story and you may see things differently.

    5. We all sin. It’s a fact. That doesn’t instantly make someone a horrible person. Rather, if they are aware of their sin and want to repent of it, that’s better than not caring. Pray for them and help them to repent, but please don’t assume that they are an awful person.

    6. I’ve seen the idea before that celibates are always self-righteous. But that’s not true. No good celibate is going to put himself/herself over others. Jesus was celibate, but He came to serve others, not to be served. Celibates now should take His example and use their gifts to serve others. Celibates are no better than anyone else; we all have our own gifts, talents, and callings in life. Their lifestyles and callings are just different from others. Both celibates and non-celibates can serve God just as well. So don’t listen to the secular world’s idea that celibacy and chastity are strange or outdated. These things are gifts, not greater than the gifts of non-celibates but simply different.

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    I've been a Christian (Catholic) all my life but I haven't always been close enough to God. I strive to grow ever closer to Him and to shine His Light through my words, actions, and creative talents.
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